“Be an eTwinning Ambassador – 2019” Campaign

The eTwinning Plus National Assistance Office – the Technical University of Moldova – launches a selection call for teachers wishing to obtain the status of an eTwinning Ambassador.

An eTwinning ambassador is a teacher representing the eTwinning community, being a model of participation and involvement for the other members of the community.

An eTwinning ambassador promotes the eTwinning concept and is open to continuous training, flexible and eager to implement the latest trends in education, to advance in projects, to participate and initiate learning events and partnerships that lead to their growth as teachers, leaders in the field of education and eTwinning ambassadors.

An eTwinning ambassador not only continuously self-perfects as an example of a dedicated and competent eTwinner teacher, but he also shares his passion for eTwinning and the experience he has gained with other members of the eTwinning community and with other teachers in the school community, and offers support to debutant teachers in the eTwinning environment.

ETwinning ambassadors are those who contribute to ensuring the sustainability of the program and the continuity of educational partnerships.

Participation requirements / Eligibility criteria:

  1. eTwinning member, registered on plus.etwinning.net platform;
  2. knowledge about the eTwinning concept and the operating principles of the program;
  3. participation in at least 5 eTwinning projects, 2 of which have received an European Quality Certificate by 2018;
  4. starting of at least 3 eTwinning projects nominated with National Quality Certificates;
  5. sharing the experience of participation in eTwinning projects and eTwinning professional development events in at least two communiques / articles. Each press communique / article being written in Romanian or English, containing 500-700 words and published in a media source, from 2018-2019 until the date of this announcement (July 29, 2019);
  6. knowledge of an eTwinning community language and English, a prerequisite for attending training courses of eTwinning ambassadors;
  7. availability to attend training courses for eTwinning Ambassadors;
  8. promoting the program at a national level.

Application deadline – August 26, 2019.

Eligible teachers who wish to obtain the status of “eTwinning Ambassador” are invited to complete the Application Form.

The results of the contest will be announced through the web page of the program http://e-twinning.utm.md/

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