What should young people do to get employed after graduating?

A major problem that university graduates face is employment in the work field. Here, we do not refer to the lack of jobs, but to the demands of the economic agents, in particular, the experience that they request from students. What should young people do over the years of their studies in order to be able to be more easily employed in their chosen field? Asked by Radio Sputnik Moldova, the answer was given by the vice-dean of the Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics, Ana Biță-Țurcan.

Most graduates of the 12th grade have already chosen the faculty in which they will continue their studies. Certainly, some of the young people have already thought about employment prospects after graduating from university.

In addition to the diploma of studies requested by the employer, a frequently asked question for the recent graduate is: do you have work experience? That’s where the students’ confusion arises: how can I have experience in the work field if I just graduated from University?

The traineeships carried out during the study years are of major importance. At UTM, internships are an indispensable and compulsory component in all specialties. Starting with the second year of studies, the students attend practice hours. Either the student alone chooses where to do the internship, or the internship manager from the faculty comes with offers.

Moreover, internships are the best experience for students, as some economic agents even hire students to work part time. Even though these traineeships last only one month, Ana Biță-Țurcan recommends that students show their interest and participate in internships/traineeships throughout their years of study, since experience through practice has an important role in employment.

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