FIMIT (UTM) students show off their potential at FabLab

Experienced designers and those at the beginning of their path, but also the admirers of handcrafted works, have the opportunity to watch how talent, artistic style and engineering mastery find their spotlight through expression in a series of works by UTM students under the aegis of knowledgeable professional mentors, their teachers.

These are the students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Transport (FIMIT), who, at the initiative of their teachers, will have the opportunity to complete their internships in one of the largest (700 sqm) prototyping and production workshops on a small scale in Eastern Europe – FabLab Chișinău (Fabrication Laboratory), which is an integral part of UTM. In this environment, favorable to innovation and entrepreneurship, suited for the development of innovative ideas and projects, professors Valeriu Podborschi, head of the Department of Industrial and Product Design within FIMIT, Mihai Stamati, master in Industrial Design, along with other teachers, thought to show the value and the potential of young people in their first years of study, interweaving their talent, drive and burning desire to leave their mark in the execution of stylish objects during the internships.

The result is documented in the following photos, and for those who want to “follow their footsteps” and learn to make such handmade masterpieces, now is the time to apply to UTM, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Transport, to Industrial Design.

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