UTM’s future collaborations with the University of Strasbourg

In the morning of August 1st, the rector of UTM, prof. univ., dr. hab. Viorel BOSTAN, accompanied by the vice-rectors Larisa BUGAIAN and Dinu ȚURCANU, and the head of the International Relations Service, Carolina TIMCO, had a meeting with Mr. Jean-Claude MILLION, from the University of Strasbourg.

During the meeting, Viorel BOSTAN presented UTM and its Francophone activities, mentioning the openness of the university for new collaborations, and the interest of the university to offer more and more mobility opportunities to current and future students. The rector mentioned that mobilities contribute to the multilateral development of students and their communication skills, which will be useful during their professional career.

For his part, Jean-Claude MILLION gave a presentation of the University of Strasbourg, stating that he comes from the University Institute of Technologies, which is part of the University of Strasbourg. Mr. MILLION mentioned that the philosophy of the University is to establish long-term collaborative relationships, among the priorities being also the collaboration with the Republic of Moldova. The University of Strasbourg will support academic mobilities from its own resources in the future, a process which will be initiated in September 2019.

The interlocutors expressed their hope for fruitful collaborations in the future.

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