The Delegation of the Institutional Strategic Development Council (CDSI) of the Technical University of Moldova, led by the rector, professor, dr. hab. Viorel BOSTAN, continues its formal visit to Transilvania University in Brașov, Romania, at the invitation of the host rector, prof. Ioan Vasile ABRUDAN, PhD, President of CDSI-UTM, DHC UTM.

One of the destinations was the partner of UTM and of the Brașov University – Pentalog company in Braşov, the visit being aimed to open new opportunities for further development of the collaboration with the business environment.

Members of the delegation: president of CDSI-UTM, rector of “Transilvania” University of Brașov, professor, PhD, Ioan Vasile ABRUDAN; rector of UTM, prof. univ., dr. hab. Viorel BOSTAN; UTM vice-rectors Dinu ŢURCANU and prof. Ph.D., dr. hab. Larisa BUGAIAN, Veaceslav ŞUTCHEVICI, Victor CATAN, Dorin RECEAN, Doina NISTOR, Maria GHEORGHIŢĂ, Vasile BULICANU, were all welcomed by Monica JIMAN, the french group strategist of Pentalog; Dan AVRAM, Delivery Center Manager – Brașov; Elena MUTRUC, Delivery Center Manager – Chișinău and Vasile PUTINA – Pentalog Chişinău.

Brașov has been and still is the most important production center, but also the world wide production management center. Considered to be the ideal location to open the first international center for the company, Brașov has confirmed its status as the residence of Pentalog Romania. From seven employees in 2000, the Brașov agency has developed its statistics to over 200, currently.

Even though she had a lot of opportunities to affirm herself in France, Monica JIMAN says she always wanted to return home and continue her professional career in Brașov. Most of her career opportunities within Pentalog she found here, where the company mostly focused its development efforts. Romania has become the main production center of the group, with the majority of the departments operating here, and the other international production centers in Chișinău and Hanoi being coordinated from here.

At the end of May, at the Faculty of Computer Science, Informatics and Microelectronics, UTM inaugurated new francophone technological spaces, an opportunity that we owe to the partners of the “Création de la première formation universitaire francophone à présence renforcée en entreprise en République de Moldova” project – Auf Eco, ATIC, IUT Rouen, but also Pentalog, to whom we express our sincere gratitude!

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