The Institutional Strategic Development Council (CDSI) of the Technical University of Moldova gathered today, in Brașov, in a meeting hosted and chaired by prof. dr. Ioan Vasile ABRUDAN, rector of “Transilvania” University of Brașov, president of CDSI-UTM, doctor Honoris Causa of UTM.

The schedule of the day includes very important topics for the productive functioning of UTM in 2019/2020, as well as strategic solutions for efficient development of higher technical education of engineering: elaboration and promotion of strategic objectives of development and consolidation of UTM by the plenary performance of CDSI tasks, the development of human resources, heritage, investment and complementary financing, the extension of a public private partnership, the deepening of relations with the industry, the strengthening of educational and research capacities, all of these objectives being systematically correlated with the University’s Strategic Development Plan.

Also, exchange experiences are planned, presentations of good practices in education and research, visits to the Braşov university partners, actions meant to open new opportunities for the continuous development of new directions of collaboration between the Technical University of Moldova and “Transilvania” University in Brașov.

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