Natalia JALBĂ, graduate of UTM, Faculty of Textile and Polygraphy, generation of 2011, has obtained valuable experience in light industry. Six out of the eight years of her activity were dedicated to the moldovian brand VASCONI – a knitwear manufacturing company, as a production manager.

She says that during her years of studies at UTM, she gained useful knowledge in order to live up to the good reputation that VASCONI gained over time. She is profoundly grateful to the teachers and to all the people around her who had the courage and the desire to give all their support in her beginnings to form herself as a true specialist in the field.

Natalia considers her job to be a beautiful craftsmanship, which makes the world around her more colorful, and urges all young people who want to embrace a job for life, to make their choice in light industry!

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