Ghenadie BERNIC is a graduate of the Technical University of Moldova, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Transport, specialty “Machines and Apparatus in the Food Industry”, the 2018 generation, and currently studies for his Master’s degree in “Mechanical Engineering” within the same faculty. His perseverance and academic performance has enabled him to merge master studies with the duties of being the technical director within the prestigious pharmaceutical company BIOTEHNOS Prod SRL.

During the first year of activity as a technical director, he faced multiple situations requiring urgent solutions, and his thorough training at UTM has helped him perform well, optimizing the production process. Persistent and tenacious, Ghenadie receives great knowledge from the place where he works at “BIOTEHNOS”, a top innovation company, with a portfolio of dozens of patents, hundreds of projects and works, a turnover of tens of millions of euros, and more than half of the 150 employees – pharmacists, chemists, biologists, biochemists, biophysicists, physicians, engineers, IT specialists with higher education, studying continuously.

“UTM was the perfect choice for me. It could be the same for you! Engineers create the Future, and this future depends on your choice “- is Ghenadie’s call for study candidates.

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