A first-timer for the two institutions: a summer camp for academic mobility for UTM and UTB students, leaving their mark in executing rural-style objects in a summer camp.

Thus, 12 students, from the second year of “Industrial Design”, FIMIT-UTM, accompanied by the prof. Valeriu Podborschi, head of the Industrial and Product Design Department of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Transport, together with three teachers and their colleagues from the Faculty of Wood Engineering of “Transilvania” University of Braşov, Romania, went to Gârcini, a district of Săcele Municipality in Brașov county, Transylvania, Romania, at the summer camp dedicated to the design and execution of rural-style objects. Although it has not yet ended, the result is already obvious, as shown in the photographs. We expect them to come back with more details, and for those who want to follow the same steps and learn how to make such crafts, now is the time to apply to UTM, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Transport, at Industrial Design!


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