The continuous training courses organized for the first time by the Physics Department of the Technical University of Moldova (Head of Department: Professor Vasile TRONCIU, PhD) for physics and astronomy teachers from different high schools in the Republic have somehow prefigured the campaign of admission this year.

Besides the updated knowledge regarding the new information in the field, high school teachers have noted the vocation of UTM teachers to decipher unique teaching methods, appreciated the laboratory installation, the collection of laboratory works elaborated by the Physics Department’s professors of UTM, mentioning the “phenomenon of the Rusu brothers” – the university lecturers, Doctors of Sciences, Spiridon and Alexandru RUSU, who enjoyed the attendant teachers’ respect and appreciation. It is proof that physics, astronomy, as well as mathematics and other scientific disciplines, on which the engineering studies focus mainly, here, at UTM, reach people’s hearts.

Ludmila BULHAC, “Liviu Deleanu” Theoretical High School, Inspector, General Directorate of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport in Chișinău:

– Throughout the years, I have attended a number of qualification / training courses, but the lecture cycle we had the great opportunity to listen to here has opened this University for us like a book from which you want to learn continuously. Beyond the professionalism of UTM teachers, we were especially impressed with the interpersonal relationship that UTM teachers shared with us – their colleagues in high schools. It’s the same approach we’re trying to have with our students. Besides the material we took from there, we will take with us the approach that they have given us. Never showing that they are university professors, scientific scholars, that are a step higher than us. On the contrary, they have spoken to us on an equal basis and we’re grateful for it.

Ştefan MURA, Professor of Physics, “Vasile Alecsandri” Theoretical High School, in Chișinău:

– I have also attended many training courses organized by other institutions, and allow me to make a remark: there are teachers with different degrees and titles, but nothing is more important in the teaching process than the method through which you awaken the interest of the disciples and your own attitude towards the subject matter. Here, at UTM, I discovered that university professors happily combine the pleasure of teaching in front of a select audience and the chance to provide support to school teachers. As a matter of fact, I have always been aware that I’m preparing future students for UTM – I always encourage young people to continue their studies at the Technical University, knowing that studies in engineering will open opportunities for their future career. At the same time, I was still wondering: what can I offer as a teacher to prepare them for the next stage? And here I am, learning from the benches of this prestigious institution! Thank you!

Galina LUPANCIUC, professor of Physics and Robotics, “M. Grecu” Theoretical High School, in Chișinău:

– It was a very useful experience, the program was well organized, aiming to motivate the young generation. The professionalism of the teachers who taught us in the courses will inspire us from now on to have a modern attitude in regards to the teaching process.

Svetlana TIHII, IP “Hyperion” Theoretical High School, in Chișinău:

– Astronomy has been taught for years in schools, but it is the first time that training courses are organized for teachers teaching this subject. We are extremely grateful to the Department of Physics of UTM and implicitly Ph.D. Vitalie CHISTOL for the extraordinary lectures on the cosmos, the solar system, the current cosmological models, the new classification of the planets and the recent results in the research of the near and distant cosmic space and the contribution of astronomy and astrophysics in the formation of the students’ perception of nature and the universe. To the organizing teachers who have taken care of this very important didactic event: it is a great thing, very useful and welcome to be continuously applied! On behalf of all the professors, who had the honor to be there, please accept our thanks!

Some teachers, close to their retirement age, mentioned that these training courses might be the last ones in their teaching career. That’s why they become more valuable. They mentioned that this is how professors should teach these subjects in schools of any level: for complex terms to find simple explanations – this is the mastery of a teacher, the way the teaching / communication / teacher-student relationship should be built.

Together, the professors of UTM – professor PhD Spiridon RUSU, Alexandru RUSU, Vitalie CHISTOL, Angela NEAGA and Maria VASILIEV, head of the Department of Continuous Teacher Education, encouraged teachers to pass on the spirit of these courses to students, and to their colleagues, because UTM doors are always open for them.

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