The Faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering, the Department of Electrical Engineering organized, under the aegis of the UTM Admission Secretariat, the Republican Technical Olympiad of Electrotechnics and Metrology for college graduates, which aimed to stimulate the best graduates of the specialized secondary education institutions to continue their studies at home, at the Technical University of Moldova, and to train highly qualified specialists for the national economy.

This year’s graduates of the Center of Excellence in Energy and Electronics (CEEE) and The Polytechnic College in Bălți (CPB) participated. Prior to the contest, the participants visited several modern laboratories within the Faculty: Renewable Energy Sources, Automation and Control Systems Based on Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Electrical Equipment and Machines, Electrotechnics, Computerized Measurement Systems etc.

Welcomed by the representatives of the UTM Admission Committee, the Electrical Engineering Department (FEIE) and electrotechnics and metrology companies, the participants had two hours to solve the tests.

The winners of the Olympiads of Electrotechnics and Metrology will be enrolled in the specialty / professional training field corresponding to the profile they were awarded for at the Technical University of Moldova outside the admission contest.

The Electrotechnical Olympiad participants received gifts and souvenirs from the Volta company, and the Metrology Olympiad participants – from the National Metrology Institute (INM) and the Center for Applied Metrology and Certification (CMAC).

The Laureates of the Republican Technical Olympiad 2019 were, by the order of the rector of UTM, as follows:

  • Electrotechnics: First degree diploma – Vrăjitoru Daniel (CEEE), second degree diploma – Enciu Nicolae (CEEE), diploma of mention – Gorea Alexandru, Pasat Mihail, Dascal Elisei, Cateli Mihail (all from the Bălți Polytechnic College);
  • Metrology: diploma of mention – Caraman Mariana and Grăjdian Irina (both from CEEE).

Laureates of the Republican Technical Olympiad 2019 in Electrotechnics and Metrology received their diplomas at the Faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering Council Meeting and were invited to continue their studies at this faculty.

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