The graduates of the Electrical Engineering (IE) Master’s programme of the Faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering, UTM, have simultaneously completed the Master’s programme “Advanced Techniques in Electrical Machines and Drives” (TAMAE) at Ştefan cel Mare University in Suceava (USV), obtaining a Double Diploma offered by the two universities: UTM and USV.

The Master’s Degree Programme IE-TAMAE was established by signing the Interinstitutional Agreement for Double Diploma Master’s Degree between UTM and USV in 2017. According to the additional document, the subjects studied under the “Electrical Engineering” program, UTM, valued with 90 transferable credits were equated with those from the master program TAMAE, USV, the difference of 30 credits being included in a specific module. Thus, students from the Master’s Programme “Electrical Engineering”, UTM, had the opportunity to study in the USV laboratories six new disciplines related to electrical system diagnostics, advanced CAD technologies and intelligent control of electrical drives, robot modeling and control, etc. The UTM students from the TAMAE USV Master’s Double Diploma Programme attended all the theoretical courses, completed their internships, and under the co-directorship of the UTM and USV coordinators, they successfully developed and defended their Master Theses.

The presentation of the Master’s Theses took place at UTM, in January 2019. On July 9th, 2019, they passed the graduation exam of the Master’s Programme “Advanced Techniques in Electric Machines and Drives” at the “Ștefan cel Mare” University in Suceava.

The evaluation committee mentioned the actuality, the practical importance and the scientific value of the presented works. At the request of ALONIX SRL in Chișinău, Artiom Moldovan completed his Master Thesis in an international project in which the student developed and implemented the PLC software and SCADA control system for electrical drives (with a total power of about 1 MW) used in the water treatment plant in Tbilisi.

The theses of the students Mihai Borozan, Vasile Cocieru and Petru Ţurcan were focused on the development of systems for actuation and automation of real industrial machines and processes (plastics injection machines, carpeting, safety and comfort of passenger elevators) along innovative solutions.

In his work, Octavian Mangos carried out in-depth experimental studies on the thermal conversion of solar energy, and Maxim Griţunic – prefeasibility studies of a wind farm of about 14 MW that he intends to implement.

The energy efficiency of the adjustable pumping technological processes was the subject of study of the thesis of Gheorghe Mihailov, and the research of the specialized converters for the conversion of the photovoltaic energy – thesis of Mihai Robu 

The theses of Gh. Mihailov, M. Gruţunic and E. Vengher were finished with demonstration mock-ups. As a result, all the master theses supported by UTM students in the Master’s Programme TAMAE, USV, were appreciated with grades higher than 9.5, and those of master students A. Moldovan, O. Mangos, M. Borozan, Gh. Mihailov and Petru Ţurcanu got the maximum mark – 10.

Due to the use of the human and technical-scientific potential of both universities, the graduates of UTM’s Master’s Programme “Electrical Engineering” have appreciated the possibility of acquiring extensive knowledge from USV due to the TAMAE Double Diploma programme. At the same time, they express their gratitude for the support from their guides and the teaching staff of “Ştefan cel Mare” University of Suceava, especially for the personal contribution of the rector Adrian Graur, the Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Professor Ştefan Pentiuc and the Director of the Electrical Engineering Department, PhD, Prof. Radu Pentiuc.

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