Being the start of the Admission process for the second cycle of Master’s Degree, last week was very intense, demanding and full of beautiful surprises for UTM. We are glad that one of our slogans, “UTM – always in the top!”, has come true once again.

One of the surprises was particularly enjoyable. After publishing dozens, even hundreds of articles from various events held at UTM, Alexander Lebedev, CEO & Founder of the news portal Diez, as well as Alina Gîrneţ, reporter at Diez, filed their papers at UTM, at the most coveted Master’s program – “Business Information Technology”.

Knowing Alexander Lebedev as a very motivated, persevering, a little bit rebellious, but very hardworking individual – qualities that have fueled, even during his Bachelor’s cycle, his desire and power to fund a news portal that has become, shortly, one of the top portals in the Republic of Moldova, but also the energy and enthusiasm of Alina Gîrneț, an unbeatable reporter, now that they have chosen to get a qualification in IT, a field with infinite possibilities, we have the pleasure and pride of the thought that UTM will give them the push for a new start, with just as promising and great prospects!

In his 20’s, he has already studied journalism, has been an exchange student in the US, at Southeast Community College, Beatrice, Nebraska, has been a Social Media Manager at the Granat digital agency, has been involved in projects such as PaperGirl Moldova or Moldova International Model United Nation, has built a blog – Home of Fluturaş, and has founded DIEZ. With the prestigious title of the best online press manager awarded by VIP Magazin, Alexandru Lebedev and his colleague Alina Gîrneţ, decided that they need further studies, choosing UTM. Their determination and perseverance could also wake up your enthusiasm, dear candidate for studies at UTM! What do you choose?

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