It’s July 15th, a new beginning for many high school and college graduates, who, today, are deciding their future, choosing their desired specialty, faculty and university. UTM is the best decision regarding this aspect, because it is known: Engineers create the Future!

Early in the morning, at the central block of UTM – the Technical University of Moldova, where the Admission Committee is located, a big crowd of high school and college graduates has gathered. Hundreds of young people make their first step in their professional career today – submitting their papers at the only Higher Education Institution in Moldova with an engineering inclination – #UTM.

Accompanied by their parents, colleagues, friends or by themselves, the future student made queues at the faculty’s admission tables.

According to the responsible secretary of the Admissions Committee, Radu MELNIC, 400 applications were filed in the first hour of the morning, 200 of which – online. A formidable debut!

It is proof that #engineering is in great demand, and young people are aware of its importance.

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