What builds our personality and what determines our future? The experiences we live. A mobility abroad is a personal enrichment. For 4 months, studying at ONIRIS – Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire, Agroalimentaire et de l’Alimentation in Nantes, in France, we have gained new skills and knowledge, witnessed a new culture and adapted a much more critical view on things.

Irina: Why did I decide to choose a mobility abroad?

It’s nice at home, but it’s important to get out of our comfort zone. Student years are for experience, in order to form our self and to find ourselves in the most diverse sides of society. And to fully feel it all, you need to challenge yourself, escape and explore the rest of the world. Then, you come back with new strength to “create the future” at home. But not without shaping the present first.

Mihaela: How did this mobility go?

I am really pleased with this remarkable experience supported by the Erasmus+ program, by ONIRIS and the Technical University of Moldova. It was a semester full of positive emotions alongside students from ONIRIS. Teamwork, interesting projects and exciting study topics, this is how I would describe this adventure. Also, manipulation of technological processes in conditions similar to industrial ones is a very useful experience for my professional development.

We are glad to have embraced this opportunity fully and have not hesitated to trust our disciples. The people we became acquainted with, the young ones coming from different parts of the world and everything we’ve learned from them, left a mark forever. It is motivating to know that higher education institutions continue to provide continuous support for the development of future specialists through collaboration between themselves. And we, the young students, are the ones who have a considerable contribution in maintaining these friendly relations between the two sides.

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