Aurel STRONCEA, managing director of “Noroc Consulting” SRL, one of the most modern and successful industrial design companies in Moldova, offers design services for ship and platform equipment in the oil and gas industry.

Even though he is a guru in his field of expertise and the head of a leading company with an impressive list of clients, among which are companies in Norway, Denmark and Holland, Aurel STRONCEA emphasizes that he is, first and foremost, a UTM graduate, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Transport, specialty “Automated Manufacturing Technology”. There he took his first steps to becoming an engineer. Before setting up Noroc Consulting (Moldova), he was a teacher at Alma Mater at the Department of Machine Building Technology – TCM, then he strengthened his engineer-design skills in companies from the Netherlands and Norway.

He says that, besides the study quality and the very special attitude towards machine building technologies, TCM-UTM builds bridges between people. Today, the company he runs has senior engineers, juniors and even students, most of them from TCM. Juniors are turning to “Noroc” even during their study years, hence the current design engineers have developed their bachelor’s theses based on the profile of this company and are working here either while still studying or right after graduation. Examples are: Cristin Pasat – TCM graduate, 2019, active since December 2018, Mihail Garama – TCM graduate, 2019, active since January 2019; and Victor Postolati, who is still a third year student, TCM, and works here since June 2019.

Rightly, at UTM we create the Future!

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