The beginning of July brings big news: The Technical University of Moldova holds national primacy in the prestigious ranking of the scientific publications citations “TRANSPARENT RANKING: Top Universities by Citations in Top Google Scholar Profiles” (

With 14,264 active citations, according to the Webometrics ranking (with a total number of over 35,000 citations of the Technical University of Moldova), UTM occupies an important niche in the library of academic materials and scientific publications – the Google Scholar platform, according to the above ranking. The hierarchy of this year has expanded its area of ​​representativeness of universities in our country, with only 3 higher education institutions registered in the ranking, but the difference of over 10,000 citations from the next subclass brings a valuable asset to UTM.

The inclusion of UTM in this global ranking of scientific journal citations is an important achievement, being used as a priority criterion for the creation of the Top Webometrics of Universities annually, in January and July, and the ranking of citations on this platform includes about 5000 higher educational institutions from all over the world, pursuing the evaluation of their scientific research activity.

This edition of Webometrics contains several important and relevant methodological changes, namely:

– citations from the top 100 public profiles of each university are being collected. This number of profiles is used to allow size independent comparisons. The top five (5) profiles on the list are EXCLUDED for improving representativeness. For the rest of the top profiles, the number of citations are added, and institutions are ranked in descending order, according to this indicator.

– non-individual profiles (journals, departments, groups) included in the top 100 results are penalized by EXCLUSION of the whole institution (citation count equals to zero).

– the data used for the leaderboard was collected between 20-30 June 2019, and this version is made up of Top Entries only (citations > 1000).

Please note that the Google Scholar Rank is made by the “Webometrics Ranking of World Universities”, at the initiative of Cybermetrics Lab – a research group of the Higher Scientific Research Council of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation – the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, to which belongs the said initiative to launch the prestigious Webometrics Ranking Web of Universities, and Google Scholar is a search engine that delivers digital versions of scientific publications in full-text volume: articles, books, textbooks from academia and research.

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