Ana ARVINTE, graduate of the Faculty of Food Technologies, UTM, proudly declares that, starting tomorrow, she begins her career as an engineer “here, at home”.

Teachers are also proud of her academic path: over the four years of studies, Ana has maintained her spot among the best students of UTM. She has also been actively involved in scientific research, her work “Adding Matters of Plant Origin to Meat Products”, conducted in the Department of Food Technology, being nominated at the annual UTM Exhibition “Creation opens the Universe”. She took part in extracurricular activities, being one of the UTM ambassadors who, within the Career Information and Guidance Center team, promoted the image of UTM in pre-university institutions across the country.

Being now a fresh UTM graduate, she says that her studies at the Faculty of Food Technology offered her the opportunity to engage in a broad area of ​​the food industry, with the certainty that the skills and knowledge gained through the studies will pave the way for a guaranteed success: “I’m proud to have chosen UTM! I’m proud to be an engineer! Because engineers create the Future!”

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