Vasile NEDELCIUC, co-founder, ex-director, ex-president of the Board of Directors of the company Endava Moldova, is a graduate of UTM, 1972, specialty “Automatics and Telemechanics”.

He made his first steps in becoming an IT specialist at the Technical University of Moldova (before, the Polytechnic Institute in Chișinău). Starting with boolean algebra and machine programming, then continuing with logical design of digital systems, he succeeded in becoming a talented scientific researcher, then a lecturer at Alma Mater, in the field of computers and computer science.

Due to the democratic changes at the end of the 90’s, at the insistence of his university colleagues, he enters into the great politics, being one of the most influential parliamentarians during three legislatures (1990-2001).

Backed by extensive professional experience in scientific, didactic, political and managerial fields, at the end of 2000, he founded Compudava, the first IT company in Moldova, together with two other colleagues and a British investor. In just a few years, it succeeded in affirming itself on the Western market and then merged with a londonese company, thus laying the foundations for the first multinational company with Moldovan roots, listed, in the summer of 2018, in the New York Stock Exchange, Endava PLC.

Today, Endava is a multinational company with offices located on three continents, in 13 countries, with over 5,500 employees.

Vasile Nedelciuc comes with a strong message for the young people who wish to pursue a career in IT:

“In the years to come, IT will be the most prosperous field of attraction and activity for Moldovan youth. And this is because, virtually, no other specialization guarantees the certainty of a well paid working place after graduation, at home or anywhere else. Digitization and automation in all areas of human activity have just begun to progress. According to some studies, in about 20 years our cars won’t need drivers anymore; the work of lawyers or family doctors will be taken over by computers; most medical operations will be made at a distance with equipment that is based on IT; the majority of jobs will not be in headquarters and offices as it is today, but virtual, distributed in space, including at home, interconnected and functional through smart IT supranational networks. All these systems and instruments must be thought out, elaborated, set up and administered. And no one can do it except those who know both computer science and electronics and devices. The connection between electronics and IT will be crucial for the next 25 to 30 years: IT has gone a long way and electronics remains somewhat behind. There is a need for many specialists in the field, and Moldova has no resources or areas to offer as many well-paid jobs with access to international companies. IT will certainly bring the key share to the country’s GDP. An IT company gives people the chance to achieve something at home, working for Westerners, traveling around the world, turning them into citizens of the Universe!”

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