Today we celebrate a special event – the birthday of the engineer, inventor, sculptor, artist, and cartoonist Rube Goldberg.

In honor of the famous creator, the Technical University of Moldova annually organizes an impressive engineering competition – “Rube Goldberg”, traditionally held at the Annual Exhibition of Students, Masters, Doctorates and Teachers of UTM – “Creation opens the Universe”. The competition encourages the students to create a sophisticated device, including as many chain reactions as possible, and thus highlighting the dexterity and beauty of Rube Goldberg machines, as well as the creative and competitive spirit of UTM students.

Born in 1883, the illustrious engineer lived a wonderful life and brought great contributions to the world, being known today for cartoons portraying complex inventions designed to carry out simple tasks.

More details about the impressive legacy left by Rube Goldberg, here:

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