The Technical University of Moldova has awarded its best graduates, the 10 valedictorians of the year 2019.

Proud to receive the visit of the elite of the 9 faculties of UTM, who excelled in studies, research and extracurricular activities during their years of faculty, rector of UTM, professor dr. hab. Viorel BOSTAN, accompanied by vice-rectors Dinu ŢURCANU, Serghei ANDRONIC and Mircea BERNIC, met them for a discussion about how to keep the cadence of excellence in engineering studies, what are their plans for the future, and how would they improve the academic environment at UTM, in order for it to become the aspiration and attraction of as many young students as possible.

In his message to the young elites, the rector of UTM, professor, dr. hab. Viorel BOSTAN said that from now on, they will be UTM ambassadors anywhere they go in the world and thanked their teachers – because they guided them through their studies, parents – because they graced their love for work, diligence in all, including getting new knowledge and, last but not least, he also thanked the valedictorians, who are the pride of UTM.

Grateful for the honor, the 10 valedictorians, representing the 9 faculties of the UTM and a new generation from the integrated architectural studies, said they do not rush to part from Alma Mater, many of them already having a job with great prospects, planning to continue their studies at the second cycle of university studies.

In recognition of their excellence in studies and extracurricular activities, they received, from the UTM administration, a prize of 3000 lei, but also a laptop – free of charge during the master studies and becoming personal possession at the end of it.

At the end of the 4th edition, the Valedictorians’ Gala comes to a very important period – the finalization of the studies by those who, over three, four or even six years of study, according to their specialty, have made remarkable efforts and have obtained praiseworthy achievements in their studies.

Congratulations, dear ambassadors of UTM!

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