Graduate of the Technical University of Moldova, Faculty of Urbanism and Architecture, currently general manager of an enterprise where more than 2500 employees exert over 90 complex professions, Dorin CIORNÎI, believes that the Republic of Moldova will always need quality engineers: UTM is the core pillar of training some of the most professional engineers and keeps up with this standard, spreading its fame all over the world. Engineers create the Future! “

After getting his Licentiate in the field of “Railways, Roads and Bridges” (2005) and Master in “Roads, Materials and Mechanisms in Construction” (2010), he has been a coordinating specialist at the General Directorate of Public Transport and Communications, Chișinău; road infrastructure engineer at “Strabag” SRL; lecturer at Alma Mater – UTM-FUA; head specialist in the Department of Constructions and Capital Repairs of the “State Road Administration”; Quality Engineer at ICS “Delta MCM 93” SRL, head of manufacturing at ÎM “Regia EXDRUPO”, currently General Manager of the municipal enterprise “Electric Transport Administration”.

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