Did you recently graduate from high school or college? Do you have a baccalaureate diploma? Have you already chosen the field in which you want to build a career, and it is in the field of engineering? Congratulations! The Technical University of Moldova, the only engineering inclined institution in the Republic of Moldova, is the best place for you to start your career as an engineer!

We know that choosing the right faculty raises many questions, so we have prepared a Guide for the future student to guide you in the diversity of study programs offered by the 9 faculties of TUM. Here you will find the necessary information about university campuses and their location; about departments, centers of excellence and the fields they excel in; about laboratories, course rooms and auditoriums, the library, dorms, but also student organizations, the social circles in which you can develop your skills outside of study hours. Did I intrigue you?

We hope that this information will be useful for you and will answer all the questions you have. But, mainly, we hope it gave you the confidence and assurance that choosing TUM was the right choice for your future. Throughout its 55 years of existence, TUM has been and continues to be the perfect choice for hundreds and thousands of young people who choose to become engineers.

Engineers create the future!

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