The walls of the Technical University of Moldova have been transformed into works of art. The two murals were painted by some of the most appreciated graffiti artists in the country and over the Prut, their works being exhibited during the second edition of the Festival of Creative Industries “Moldovan Design Week”.

The work of Moldovan artist Inna Jeliaskova, known as iZZY iZVNE, is displayed on the wall of the Faculty of Computer Science, Informatics and Microelectronics of TUM. The young woman is found to be in the top 100 of European graffiti artists, known for her trademark style of 3D figures and calligraphy.


The second painting was done by an artist from Bucharest, Cosmin Ionuţ Iluc. 

Dozens of art lovers and students of the Technical University of Moldova came to the inauguration to admire the new creations, claiming that “the entire city must be painted, because it would allow passers-by to think, come up with new ideas, and create something”

The second edition of the Moldovan Design Design Week was organized by the Ministry of Culture, Education and Research, with the financial support of USAID Moldova.

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