The first group of master students from FEIE who benefited from the double diploma program in collaboration with the Faculty of Energetics of the Polytechnic University of Bucharest reached the final stage: defending the master thesis.

After two semesters in Chișinău and one semester at București, during which there was practical training and intensive work on the theses, in June there was the two-stage defense of three master theses.

The student of gr. EM-17M, Andrei CIOBANU, master’s program “Energy and Environment”, led by conf. Eduard MINCIUC (UPB) and lect. Dumitru BRAGA (UTM) has demonstrated in his paper “The Feasibility of Heat Pump Integration in SACET” that the integration of heat pumps into the centralized heat supply system is one of the most efficient solutions for thermal energy production and control technologies for the global warming phenomenon.

The energy security of the Republic of Moldova was analyzed in two master theses framed by the students of gr. EE-17M, Dionisie CEBAN and Nicolae RAŢĂ, master program “Electroenergetics”, under the guidance of the teams formed by prof. Lucian TOMA (UPB), Tudor RADILOV (UTM) and, respectively, Ion TRIŞTIU (UPB) and conf. Victor GROPA (UTM).

It has been found that the energy strategies foreseen for the period of 2005 and up to 2010 have not been achieved, followed by the 2020 Strategy, whose objectives have not been met due to lack of financial support. As the Republic of Moldova is a developing country, it is expected for the consumption and generation of power to increase, and this consumption can be covered by: increasing the capacity of the Moldovan CTE; incorporation of renewable energy sources; strengthening the relations with neighboring countries; increasing energy efficiency.

In order to increase national energy security, it is necessary to diversify the sources of generation and the support of several suppliers will create an energy market, consequently, the consumer will be able to choose the supplier according to price and quality. Under the Association Agreement with the EU, the Republic of Moldova has assumed more responsibilities, including the production of 20% of electricity from renewable sources of electricity, and for this purpose a study was carried out by integrating distributed energy sources throughout the territory .

Thus, on 7 June 2019, the support of the master thesis by the three students in Chișinău resulted in the highest marks, the master students impressing the members of the committee, both through the well-structured presentation of the research results and their quality. On June 26th, 2019, these works were presented in Bucharest, and the FEIE students were awarded with the Master’s degree in Engineering (MS).

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