The Physics and Astronomy Teachers from various high schools of the country, who are following the continuous training program “Physics, Didactics of Physics and Astronomy” organized by the Physics Department of the Technical University of Moldova, had the chance to hear an open lecture on the topic: “The Evolution of Engineering Creation: From Idea to Invention “, held by an internationally famous figure in the field of science and engineering – academician Ion BOSTAN.

Designed specifically for physics teachers, the lesson included deciphering different phenomena, experiments and scientific discoveries. Making an impressive incursion into the evolution of engineering creation – from idea to invention, showing how hundreds of engineering inventions of the 20th century, from the washing machine (1908) to the explosion of the Internet network (1997), changed the world, highlighting the phenomenon of solid body movement with a fixed point that underpinned several inventions that revolutionized the world of science.

Being the author of a new type of planetary transmission that he discovered at the beginning of the 80s of the last century, distinguished from the classical ones through a new principle of transformation and transmission of motion and load, entering the worldwide terminological circuit with the name “Precessional Planetary Transmission (TPP) with multipath gear”, the professor pointed out that the phenomenon of solid body movement with a fixed point, especially the motion of the disc on a surface, was the basis of its invention – Precessional Planetary Transmission (protected by Patent No. 1020667, Priority 11.02.1981). The undoubted importance of TPP in the worldwide scientific circuit was further underlined by the Union Institution of Patent Expertize (ex-USSR), which applied restrictions with the status of “state secret” and “non-public sealed regime” of the doctoral thesis, sustained in 1989 by researcher Ion Bostan on the topic “Creating Precessional Transmissions with Multipath Gear”.

He stated that the exploitation of the disc rolling motion on a surface generated the creation of more than 200 inventions, internationally recognized as a contribution to Moldovan engineering, as well as the fact that more than 60 of them were built on the basis of the Precession Planetary Transmission international research and development projects. For example, the importance of Precessional Transmission in the development of the cosmic flight technique is well known for the transmission of vacuum motion; in the operation of robotic complexes in the exploration of the deposits of the Planetary Ocean Bottom – for transmitting the movement at high hydrostatic pressures.

It was a rare opportunity for physics and astronomy professors from different localities of the republic to hear an open lecture from professor Ion Bostan, who contributed to the advancement of TUM on the national and international arena, as a manager, being at the helm of this institution for 23 years, between 1992-2015.

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