Designated as an eTwinning Plus National Assistance Office for the implementation of the eTwinning program in the Republic of Moldova in 2019, the Technical University of Moldova organized a second eTwinning Initiation Seminar on June 11th.

The seminar was organized in the format of a training workshop, the topic being “The life cycle of a project – milestones and steps in the development of eTwinning projects”, trainer: Tatiana Dragan, eTwinning Ambassador. The seminar was attended by more than 20 teachers, representatives of high schools and vocational training institutions in Moldova.

The workshop was organized in 2 working sessions. During the first session, general aspects of the lifecycle of an eTwinning project were outlined: the project plan and timetable, icebreaking activities in the projects, introduction of participating students / schools / countries, of new notions and content proposed for pupils – pedagogical innovation in the completion of project goals and the way of organizing the teaching-learning process within the project, means of collaboration between the school partners for the fabrication of products, the importance and methods of disseminating an eTwinning project, use of ICT tools, project assessment and feedback.

During the second session, teachers analyzed an eTwinning project selected for implementation and sketched a draft outline relative to the requirements brought forward. During the seminar, the participants were guided by Dragan Tatiana and Nederiţa Liliana, pedagogical coordinator of BNA Moldova.

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