When you graduate with your own innovative book, the bachelor’s exam becomes an occasion for expression. This is also the case for graduates of the 2019 class of the study program “Design and Polygraphic Technologies”, who presented their projects publicly, aiming to come with aesthetical, constructive and technological solutions for a variety of typographic products.

Assoc. prof. dr. Cazac Viorica of the “Design and Polygraphic Technologies” program, states that the objectives imposed on the students were aimed encourage a new vision in their projects, deriving from the analysis of the typographic market, the identification of the printing products necessary for the local market, the analysis of the world trends in the subject matter, and the aesthetic solution for the typographic products, following new concepts, considering: the multi-functionality of the products, their greening/eco-friendliness, the ability of  recovery, regeneration, recycling, smart aesthetics etc., the constructive and technological solution, assessing the economic efficiency of the project.

A remarkable project on “The aesthetic and constructive solution of the augmented reality integrated edition of a didactic book (AR) for children aged 7-12 years through offset printing” was successfully developed and presented by student Tatiana Baicev, (scientific guide: Ph.D., dr. Cazac Viorica). The novelty of the project is to integrate the idea of a traditional children’s edition with 3D conceptual elements, using Augmented Reality through specialized computerized software. The book edition includes engineering topics for children, written in a manner for their understanding, with the capacity of visualizing the constituent functionality elements in augmented interactive format, depending on the interest shown. The author participated with this idea at the 10th European Exhibition of Creativity and Innovation (EUROINVENT), obtaining the Silver Medal for the project. Her work was also presented at the Annual Conference of students, masters and doctoral students of TUM, 2019 edition, with the title “Study of the Potential of Using Augmented Reality in Children’s Book editions”.

A captivating bachelor project was presented by the graduate Ilinca Strilciuc (scientific guide: Ph.D., dr. Cazac Viorica), on the topic “Aesthetic and constructive solution of interactive book editions for children up to 3 years of age”. The author presents a new and dynamic interactive book concept, taking into account the psychological peculiarities of children up to 3 years of age. The edition presents cognitive subjects of recognition of the environment in an interactive way, involving the interaction of the child with the book. In order to accomplish this project, Ilinca followed a practical internship at MasterPrint Typography in Iasi, Romania, this being made possible by the fruitful collaboration of Mrs. Cazac Viorica with various printing companies in Romania. With this project, Ilinca Strilciuc participated in the 10th European Exhibition of Invention and Creativity EUROINVENT, winning the Silver Medal.

Опубликовано Илинка Стрилкиук Воскресенье, 2 июня 2019 г.

The graduate Andrei Cuciuc proposed, in his project, the idea of customized albums for children (scientific guide: Alexandra Osoba, lecturer). The author introduces a new concept of personalized albums for children, where parents can reproduce the stories of their children’s lives through pictures. The developed prototype has the author’s childhood as a main subject, presented through images in an authentic, entertaining, interesting and explorative stylistic. Andrei Cuciuc graduated from the “Alexandru Plămădeală” College of Arts in Chișinău, the chosen topic being a confession of his childhood, through the illustration presented – a pleasant surprise both for the members of the Bachelor’s Examination Board and for the colleagues and the public who assisted at presentations of the bachelor’s projects.

Graduate Ana-Maria Cîrja focused her project on the valorification of the urban architecture of Chisinau, her work being titled “Applying the augmented reality in the conceptualization and visualization of the interactive editions” (scientific guide: prof. dr. Cazac Viorica). The project aimed to develop a book edition with the exhibition of Chisinau’s urban architecture from the past and from today in a new aesthetic-technical solution: public institutions, mansions, edifices, architectural monuments, using Augmented Reality. The edition is predestined to all interested in the urban attractions of Chisinau, the history, peculiarities and architectural solutions, maintaining and stimulating the touristic and cultural interest, due to the possibility of viewing the sights in a 360 degree plan, with the help of electronic devices.

The concern regarding the labels of wine products was reflected in the bachelor project of Veronica Pascaru, (scientific guide: lect. univ. Marin Cucerencu), the topic being “Aesthetic and constructive solution for labels of wine products”. The novelty of the project is presented by the use of covers with a variety of chromatic palettes in their idealized concept, diversified according to the type of wrapped wine. This helps the user to quickly identify the desired wine on the shelves of the sellers, which are at significant distances from the eyes of the buyer. The developed  labels are implemented at Chateau Vartely, where Veronica is already employed as a designer. They have an elegant presence, their fresh aesthetic being remarked and appreciated by the users.

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