Teams of experts in the field of higher education reformation from 25 Erasmus+ member countries gathered today at Tekwill to discuss a topic of great importance: mechanisms for recognition of qualifications and international mobility strategies. The International Seminar “Recognition: Implications for cross-border access to higher education and mobility” is under the auspices of the SPHERE Consortium and the Erasmus + National Office, in partnership with the Technical University of Moldova.

The participants were welcomed by univ. prof., dr. hab. Viorel Bostan, rector of TUM; Fabien Schaeffer, project manager, EU Delegation in Moldova, and Howard Davies, SPHERE representative.

While inaugurating the works of the seminar, Michael Gaebel, a SPHERE representative, emphasized the reasons for which this topic was selected for review, referring to the results of a survey on the subject.

Allan Bruun Pedersen, main advisor at the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science, vice-chairman of the Lisbon Recognition Committee, presented an analysis of the situation in the context of regional conventions, pointing out that without a profound understanding of the mechanisms for recognizing qualifications, no international academic mobility strategy can be considered viable, either at system or institutional level. On the same topic, experts from the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) also reflected: Feda Al-Tamimi, deputy general secretary, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Jordan; Jenneke Lokhoff, International Qualifications Recognition Team, Nuffic, The Netherlands; Ana Mateus, head of NARIC (National Center for Information on Academic Recognition), Portugal, etc.

During the two working days (10-11 June 2019), the agenda of the seminar carried the examination of other relevant issues related to the recognition of qualifications, including case studies, reactions and comments from experts in the field, as well as from European and Moldovan students.

The participants of the seminar appreciated the efforts made by the hosts to organize this large event, particularly highlighting the National Team of Experts in the Higher Education Reform of the Republic of Moldova within the Erasmus+ Program, represented at the event by the univ. prof., dr. hab. Larisa Bugaian, vice-rector of TUM; Andrei Popa, rector, “B. P. Haşdeu” University from Cahul; univ. prof. Valentina Priţcan, State University “A. Russo” in Balti; Cristina Voroneanu, Moldovan Students’ Alliance, and the TUM International Relations Team, managed by Ph.D. professor Carolina Timco.

Among the hosts of the event, there were also the vice-rectors Dinu Ţurcanu and Mircea Bernic, the head of the Career Information and Career Guidance Center (CEGHID), Radu Melnic; PhD, professor Cristina Popovici, coordinator of international programs; Dr. Irina Tutunaru, deputy head of the Academic Management and Quality Assurance.

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