FIMIT: bachelor theses appreciated by “Efes Vitanta Moldova Brewery”

TUM is now in the middle of the most challenging period – thesis presentations. Day by day, dozens of students of different study programs, departments and faculties share their diligence, ingenuity and innovative spirit through their works.

The graduates of MAIA (Food Industry Machinery and Appliances) and MIFSC (Machinery and Refrigeration Equipment and Air Conditioning Systems) within the Department of Mechanical Engineering, FIMIT finished their Bachelor’s degree with presenting their thesis.

It has already become a tradition – representatives of various businesses and companies in the country attend the TUM thesis presentations. One valuable guest is Mr. Ruslan Ţarnă, the operational director of “Efes Vitanta Moldova Brewery”, the largest beer producer in Moldova. He graduated from MAIA specialization (1999), completing his doctorate and teaching students from the 2nd and 3rd years two subjects: “Industrial Management” and “The Economy of the branches (in Industry)”, maintaining a permanent connection with the Faculty, especially with the Department of Processes, Machinery and Industrial Appliances. He knows well the potential of its graduates, and he invites them to do practical internships (7-8 trainees per year), as well as proposing job positions and supporting their advancement in their career.

Delighted by the success of the graduates, Mr. Ţarnă decided to continue the initiative started last year about granting prizes to the authors of the three most unique and creative bachelor theses, thus offering three awards – tickets for the Summer Fest concert. The students who presented the most distinguished bachelor theses were:

  • Ion Vişanu, with the bachelor thesis “Study of drying process of sugar sorghum by convection and application of microwaves” (head: lecturer Mihail Balan);
  • Victor Chirnicinii, the bachelor thesis “Elaboration of pelleting facilities from agro-food waste” (head: univ. prof., dr. hab., Mircea Bernic);
  • Paladi, bachelor thesis “Contributions to designing the dough splitting machine with a productivity of 700 pcs / h and a mass of 0.5 kg” (head: univ. prof., dr. Natalia Ţislinscaia).

Wish you a good journey in your career, dear graduates!