19 Belarusian winemakers received certificates of wine-tasting experts

At the end of the continuous training courses of the wine-tasting experts in the field of quality evaluation of wines and alcoholic beverages, organized at the Department of Oenology and Chemistry of the Faculty of Food Technology, under the auspices of the Continuous Training University Center, 19 winemakers, representatives of the alcoholic beverage industry in the Republic of Belarus, have solemnly received certificates of wine-tasting experts.

The perfecting of Belarusian winemakers at TUM has already become a beautiful tradition. Yearly, practitioners from this country come in Chișinău with confidence to increase their mastery, the quality of CFC-TUM certified specialists enjoying a great and deserved appreciation at home. This time, Belarus was represented by winemakers from the cities of Minsk, Brest, Stolin, Dyatlov, Mazyr, Gomel, Jdanov, Slonim.

At the graduation ceremony, Belarusian winemakers expressed their satisfaction with the excellent organization of the courses, including training conditions, cuisine, transport, as well as knowledge and practical skills in the field of wine quality assessment passed on by the professors of the Faculty of Food Technology. Also, Belarusian specialists appreciated the excellence of the technical equipment of FFT and the conditions assured for continuous education and training.

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