“Decorative Art in Moldavian SSR” by professor, dr. Constantin Spânu

The Faculty of Textiles and Polygraphy hosted a soulful event on Friday, May 31st. The well-known art critic, professor, dr. in art studies, Constantin Spânu, who, since its establishment in 1995 (then, the Faculty of Light Industry), stood at the helm of this faculty for over two decades, came here to launch one of his latest works – the monograph “DECORATIVE ART in MOLDOVAN SSR”.

His work represents the product of years of research in the funds of museums and archives, all of which resulted in the identification and theoretical analysis of works of decorative art from Moldavian SSR. These were focused mainly on reflecting the problems faced by artists of the Republic in revitalizing the traditions of national plastic folklore and building professional decorative arts in the post-war period, as well as the interaction of plasticians with the consume goods industry.

Structured after the veridical establishment of the stages of decorative arts development from 1944 to 1991, the monographic study elucidates the stylistic peculiarities of the creation of notorious personalities of decorative arts from the post-war period and reflects the undeniable contribution of plastic artists to the growth of national culture.

The event was attended by students of the faculty, master students, PhD students, teachers, culture people of the Republic of Moldova, masters of art.

Appreciation and best wishes were expressed by professor Valentina Bulgaru, Ph.D., Dr. Cazac Viorica, Ph.D., Svetlana Cangaş, Elena Musteaţă, Art master Petru Balan.

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