Training courses for high school teachers of physics and astronomy

Over 20 teachers of physics and astronomy from different high schools in Chisinau, Durleşti, Brânza (Cahul) chose to follow the continuous training program “Physics, Didactic of Physics and Astronomy”, organized by the Physics Department of the Technical University of Moldova.

At the inauguration of the course in the newly renovated auditoriums (3-305, 3-307), the audience was welcomed by professor Valentin Amariei, director of Continuous Training Center (CFC), TUM; Maria Vasiliev, Head of Continuous Teacher Training Department, CFC; as well as by the hosts – University professor, dr.  Vasile Tronciu, head of the Physics Department; professor Vitalie Chistol, director of TUM Planetarium; Alexandru Rusu, PhD, responsible for the continuous training program “Physics, Didactic of Physics and Astronomy “.

Each of them emphasized that the study of physics, together with that of advanced mathematics, is the foundation of the theoretical training of engineers, without which their activity in any field of technical development in the national economy would be impossible. Hence the need for good education in physics for high-schoolers – the future students of TUM, as well as improved professional training of the teachers involved in teaching these subjects in lyceums.

“We are proud that you have chosen to follow these courses at the Technical University of Moldova, where physics has a fundamental status in the training of engineers. We have maintained the tradition of passing the valuable knowledge of our ascendancy, the foundations of which were set by Mihai Marinciuc, who worked for more than three decades at TUM, being a lecturer, head of the Physics Department, a great enthusiast and promoter of education in physics”.

Teachers of the TUM Physics Department continue to pass on this knowledge from their predecessors, including multiple textbooks and collections of physics problems for the high school generation, all of which have been carefully developed and implemented, and are used in most high schools to this day. In some of them, the Computer Assisted Mechanics Kit is also used, which was also developed in the Physics Department of TUM, and with its help, approximately 70 laboratory and practical computer assisted works can be carried out. Furthermore, the training curriculum for high school teachers includes 60 lectures, 70 seminars, 20 laboratory works and individual work – a total of 150 hours.

This course lasts for 3 weeks and the audience’s effort will be valued with trainers’ certificates and 20 ECTS credits.


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