The Erasmus+ experience of a Textiles and Polygraphy teacher at the University of Oradea, Romania

During 20-24 May of 2019, Marcela Irovan, doctor and associate professor at the Technologies and Textile Manufacturing Design program at the Textiles and Polygraphy Faculty, TUM, has benefited from an Erasmus+ Key Action 1, under which was funded a teaching mobility at the University of Oradea, Romania, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Industrial Management, Department of Textiles, Leather and Industrial Management.

According to the teaching program, she held lectures for the students of the Technology of Knitwear and Garments program, the subject being “The development of women’s clothing selection by applying morphological transformation techniques”.

During the discussions with the members of the Department of Textiles, Leather and Industrial Management, department director Adina Victoria Albu, PhD, as well as with the Erasmus+ scholars, professors of University of Quebec, Montreal, Canada, Joselyin Bellemare and Ana Maria Balint, the directions of collaboration in academic and scientific fields have been established.

Together with the department director Adina Victoria Albu, at the invitation of Mr. Locodi, Marcela Irovan made a study visit at the garment factory SC Limtex SRL, Oradea, where she got familiarized with the modern technologies implemented in the company.

A part of the program was the participation in the International Scientific Conference “Innovative solutions for sustainable development of textiles and leather industry”, organized within the Department of Textiles, Leather and Industrial Management, on 23-24 May of 2019, which framed a good opportunity for establishing some collaborations with researchers from Romania, Turkey, Portugal and Canada.

During the trip, the teacher has visited the tourist sights of Oradea, the Handicraft Workshop in Oradea Citadel, as well as a special exhibition organized in the Oradea City Hall “The Symbols of the Romanian Royalty”.

Throughout the mobility stage, Marcela Irovan has benefited from the support of the project manager of the host institution Liliana Indrie, associate professor. Thanks are given to the University of Oradea, Department of Textile, Leather and Industrial Management, department director Adina Victoria Albu, PhD, and, particularly, Liliana Indrie, Assoc. Prof., for offering the scholarship and her support during the mobility stage.

The support offered during the Erasmus + mobility represents a great opportunity for sharing valuable experiences with colleagues from other similar institutions, for strengthening and developing academic and economic partnerships, and for continuous training and improvement.


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