Nicolae AMARII, UTM graduate, materializes his dream of Simulating Robots

Nicolae AMARII is one of UTM’s graduates, who has managed to become the head of leading branches of important foreign companies opened in Chișinău. He fully supports CEGHID’s encouragement for young people to choose one of the #UTMstudies programs.

He is the director of TMF Design Moldova project office of the Italian company equivalent – a professional team with extensive experience in mechanical design and robot simulation, including station design, robotic assembly lines of the car body, having reputable corporations Worldwide: Volkswagen, Ford, Audi, Jaguar, Mercedes, as permanent clients.

He graduated from a specialty that opened up equal opportunities in two areas: engineering and management in machine building. He chose to work in the field of engineering. The team he manages consists mainly of TCM graduates – “Machines Construction Technology” and IMCM – “Engineering and Management in Machine Building“, but also from other specialties promoted by the biggest faculty of UTM – FIMIT – Mechanical Engineering and Transport.

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