Call for participation: technical scientific conference of students, master students and PhD students (with international participation)

Technical University of Moldova invites students, master students and PhD students of Technical University of Moldova, universities from the Republic of Moldova and from abroad to the Technical Scientific Conference that will be held from March 26 to 29, 2019.

Topics of the Conference:

  1. Electronics and Telecommunications
  2. Energy and Electrical Engineering
  3. Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics
  4. Food Technology
  5. Mechanical, Industrial Engineering and Transport
  6. Urbanism and Architecture
  7. Construction, Geodesy and Cadaster
  8. Economic Engineering and Business
  9. Textiles and Polygraphy
  10. Socio-Humanities
  11. Foreign Languages

Please submit your Participant Registration Form to Deadline for Registration Form submission: March 5, 2019.

Accepted papers will be reported within Conference sections and published in Conference Proceedings.

There is no participation fee.

Scientific papers (A4 format, 4 pages for articles and 1-2 pages for thesis) should be sent from February 20 to March 15, 2019 to

Paper language: Romanian, Russian or English.

Formatting rules:

  • Number of pages: articles – 4 pages, thesis – 1-2 pages;
  • MS Office Word, A4 size paper, font Times New Roman;
  • Margins: top – 2.5 cm, bottom/right/left – 2.0 cm;
  • Title of the paper: capitalized, centered (bold, 12pt);
  • Name of author(s): below the title of 2 empty rows, centered (Italic, 11pt);
  • Affiliated institution: below the name of author(s) of 1 empty row, centered (Italic, 10pt);
  • Abstract: below the affiliation of 1 empty row – 6-10 rows (Italic, 10pt);
  • Keywords: below the abstract – 4-6 keywords (Italic, 10pt);
  • Text of the paper: below the keywords of 2 empty rows, justified, 11pt, one-line spacing.

Additional information:


Tel. (+373) 022 23-54-48

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