Of his nature the Erasmus EUROEAST it is not just a simply exchange program but is the project that unites destinies. This was definitely our case, Tatiana ROMANCIUC and Ion CHIRCA two ordinary students from Technical University of Moldova. All started with a simply application process we went through and as result were selected for 1 academic year of mastering at Aalto University of Finland, Department of Communications and Networking the largest unit of research and higher education in its subject area in Finland.

If Bologna is one of the oldest universities in Europe with her Dante then Aalto is the University of the New World – World of IT professionals. Studying at this university was our best decision offered of course by EUROEAST Programme.

Erasmus Mobility were for us a mix of linguistic, educational, and cultural learning experience.

Why linguistic? – To be honest we were very unconfident about our English skills before Erasmus but once getting to Finland we found many other unconfident people as well as we were, it took some time to get more better in communication but everyone was tolerant in making mistakes because Erasmus is not about professionals but about experience of growing them. This experience helped us in daily working process as currently we are working for international IT companies.

Why cultural experience? – Can name this the funny part. Imagine first day a lot of young people all around the world together in one place this is the real cultural shock. That moment for us everyone was so different but in about half a year to understand that in reality all are similar because we dissolved into a ‘homogeneous multicultural mass’ in which each one tried to contribute with everything best from his country, family and university came from.

Why educational? – Can name this the serious part. Being Erasmus students we didn’t have any privileges speaking about studies. All were enrolled in classes as ordinary students having same tasks, responsibilities and receiving feedback according to our outcomes. All subjects were based on innovative ICT content with best educational models and pedagogical practices. For sure can say that we came back open-minded ready to face the requirements of the wide labour market and grow as future professionals.

What was the impact?

Tatiana Romanciuc works for Noction Company, providing BGP network performance automation for Service Providers, datacenters and enterprises around the world. She is the first and the only girl in the networking team.

Ion CHIRCA works for AT&T Global Network Services Czech Republic. AT&T being the largest telecommunications company in the world.

Before Exchange Mobility working for such big companies was a dream but all started with great Erasmus internationalization experience.

Last but not least we want to say thank you for the strong support, dedication and willingness from EUROEAST staff – Dinu TURCANU, Technical University of Moldova local coordinator and Niina HUOVINEN Aalto coordinator, their assistance was vital in our transition.

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