TUM integrates itself in the Bologna Process: the engineering diplomas will be recognized in the European countries; every student will have the possibility to study 1 – 2 terms in one of the foreign countries.

Admission of foreign citizens


Technical University of Moldova provides training opportunities to foreigner citizens based on contracts and agreements based on authorized inter-ministerial or inter-state in the established manner.

Admission is organized at all faculties and specializations existing at TUM without exception. The language of instruction is Romanian. At specialties where there are Russian groups, training is partly in Russian language. The Council for Institutional Strategic Development of TUM, with the approval of TUM Senate, sets the amount of the studies fee annually.

Foreign students can be accommodated in dormitories, or, if desired, in TUM hotel. Conditions of admission to studies in TUM for foreign citizens are those required by Regulation concerning the foreigners training in educational institutions of the Republic of Moldova, approved by Government Decision Nr.746 on 21 June 2003.

At TUM function the training courses of candidates for study at the university. Language training courses will work after groups completing.

List of documents for admission:

a) For confirmation by the Ministry of Education of the right to be enrolled in university:

  • Official Letter from the University to the Ministry of Education;
  • A copy of the national passport with validity period at least one year;
  • A copy of study documents, under which application for admission to studies is requested for a respective form of education (certificate of secondary education or a baccalaureate diploma or thier equivalent);

 (This package of documents is presented to TUM – not later than 15 August. The documents mentioned in this section shall be translated into Romanian and will be legalized in the established manner by the authorities of the State of residence).

b) To obtain from the Bureau of Migration and Asylum of the invitation, according to Government Decision no. 331 of 05.05.2011 “On the issuance of invitations for foreigners”:

  • demarche – the form concerning issuance of the invitation, is completed legibly in Latin characters, signed by administrator, with application of the wet stamp (form can be found on the website bma.gov.md).
  • demarche of application / motivation written in a free form – concerning the issue of invitation indicating the purpose of entry in the Republic of Moldova of the invited person, with a registration number, dated and signed by an administrator, with application of the wet stamp.
  • constituent documents of the legal person (extract from the State Register of legal entities or non-profit organization, the applicant activity license), in original and copy.
  • procure – in the case of submission the demarche by an employee authorized by the administrator, to which is attached ID card / his valid residence permit, in original and copy.
  • the document copy of the foreigner state border crossing, whose validity period is not less than six months. The copy, of previous visas obtained for Moldova and / or other countries.
  • evidence of means of support in amount of 30 euro / per day for the period of residence in Moldova aa well as for the return to the country of residence, but not less than 300 euros from the applicant or the person invited.
  • in addition to the documents included in the general requirements, the applicant should provide evidence concerning the purpose of the journey:
  • the copy of confirmation right of admission to the studies issued by the Ministry of Education;
  • the copy of visa or residence permit of the foreign citizen’s domicile country, if s/he is domiciled in another country than that of which citizen is.

(The invitation issued by the competent authority for foreigners is one of the conditions to obtain an entry visa in Moldova by certain categories of foreigners).

c) To obtain from Migration and Asylum Bureau the right of residence on the territory of Moldova, according Republic of Moldova Law Nr. 200 of 16.07.2010 “On status of foreigners in Moldova”:

  • Application of the established form;
  • Educational institution demarche,
  • Original and copy of national passport of the foreigner with the appropriate imprints applied by the control body of the state border (confirming the date and place of crossing the state border) and a copy of the long-stay visa (for the foreigners entering on the basis of visas);
  • approval of the Ministry of Education, indicating the term for studies completion;
  • extract from the order of matriculation;
  • a copy of the study contract;
  • proof of housing (notarized statement of the owner, the distribution order / receipt for accommodation in dormitory);
  • judicial record from the country of origin, legalized / apostilled (in the established manner), translated into the state language and authenticated by a notary or consular, except the minors under 16;
  • the copy of medical insurance for foreigners valid for at least 3 months;
  • proof of financial means in the amount corresponding to the category requested the right of residence, except foreigners with scholarships of Moldova (in the latter case, the proof of a scholarship in Moldova);
  • Color Photo 3×4.



University offers training courses for foreign students who are eligible to various specialties of TUM. The educational plan provides courses in Romanian or Russian languages and special courses to basic objects for the selected profile.

So far, Arabs citizens, Turks and from African countries attended the training courses. Majority of them continue their studies at the faculties: Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics; Engineering and Management in Electronics and Telecommunications; Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, and Transportation; Energetics and Electrical Engineering; Urbanism and Architecture; Cadastre, Geodesy and Construction Technology and Management in Food Industry; Light industry; Economic Engineering and Business.