The mission of the university

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         Welcome to the website of the Technical University of Moldova – the only higher education institution for engineering in the Republic of Moldova.

         The fundamental mission of the Technical University of Moldova is to provide the young generation with quality education. By combining educational excellence, research and innovation, the institution aims to contribute to building a sustainable knowledge-based society and economy, while offering students opportunities for personality formation and development of creative and critical thinking skills.

         UTM was founded in 1964 and began its activity with 3 engineering faculties. In 2022, following the merger by absorption of the State Agrarian University, the Technical University of Moldova expanded its educational offer by introducing 3 new faculties: FMV – Veterinary Medicine, FH – Horticulture, and FA – Agronomy, in agreement with the Government Decision No. 485 of 13/07/2022, regarding the reorganization through merger (absorption) of some institutions in the fields of education, research and innovation. Later, the Faculty of Horticulture and the Faculty of Agronomy were merged, forming the Faculty of Agricultural, Forest and Environmental Sciences. Thus, in addition to the 9 previously existing faculties, UTM now includes 11 faculties, and a qualified teaching and engineering staff of over 973 specialists. The current number of enrolled students is over 11,500. Economic globalization trends require the creation of a unique European Higher Education Area, according to the Bologna Process. Aware of the important role of universities in the accomplishment of the objectives of the Bologna Process, which is responsible for several essential changes in the mission and priorities of universities, the Technical University of Moldova aims to bring up the value of national engineering education by: increasing the quality of education – a determining factor of the competitiveness of local human potential; the development of scientific-technical research – an indispensable component in professional engineering training; encouraging student and teacher mobility; supporting graduates in their integration in the local labor market, etc.

         Higher education in the Republic of Moldova is currently undergoing great transformations, in accordance with the implementation of the Bologna Process principles, which determined the restructuring of the entire national higher education system. The great challenge brought to academic education by the new concept is competitiveness – at national, European, and global level. In order to meet these imperatives, the Technical University of Moldova has structured the education process into 3 academic degrees, which include a wide variety of study programmes in the tech field: Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, and Doctoral degree.

         The engineer is the main creative force of society, capable of making human life more convenient and comfortable. The Technical University of Moldova prepares engineers qualified in the national economy branches with great prospects, which are developing in compliance with the requirements of modern society: Telecommunications, Energetics, Food Industry, Transport, Light Industry, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial and Civil Constructions, Urban Planning and Architecture, Computer Science and Microelectronics, Veterinary Medicine, and Agricultural and Forest Sciences.

         The Technical University of Moldova is recognized for its outstanding results in the field of scientific research both nationally and internationally. UTM’s research centers successfully implement the university’s research strategy via multiple grants and project-based research funding. The results are then reflected in scientific works, monographs and invention patents, all contributing to the improvement of the University’s reputation. Students are involved in the research process by working on annual course projects and their final year thesis, as well as presenting their results at national and international conferences.

         One of the priorities of the institution is international collaboration in the field of education and research. UTM has signed collaboration agreements with universities from Belgium, Belarus, Bulgaria, Canada, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Romania, USA, Sweden, Ukraine, Spain, Russia, etc. On the basis of bilateral agreements, UTM students are able to carry out internships in European countries, benefitting from the opportunity to improve their foreign language skills and intercultural abilities. Student and teacher mobility is on the rise and constitutes one of the basic priorities of university life.

         The Technical University of Moldova has an impressive base of tech resources, including 493 laboratories, rooms for computer-aided design, as well as Internet connection. The institution offers accommodation within 11 dorms with health centers, canteens, etc. Considering the importance of extracurricular activities for our students, the University is continuously concerned with harmoniously combining intellectual, physical and creative work. In this respect, the institution provides modern sports facilities for its students and employees: European-level stadiums, tennis courts, and multipurpose sports halls. UTM is known as one of the most thriving promoters of sports among the higher education institutions in the Republic of Moldova.

         Our university is constantly evolving and challenging itself to reach new, better standards in education and research, which are then gradually disseminated in the professional preparation of specialists. I truly hope and wish that you’ll have the opportunity to visit our campuses, research centers and teaching laboratories, so that you can discover for yourself the uniqueness of UTM among the higher education institutions in the country.

Viorel BOSTAN,

Professor, Doctor habilitatus,

Rector of the Technical University of Moldova