The Rector’s Message

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Welcome to the website of the Technical University of Moldova, the only higher education institution for engineering in Moldova Republic.
The fundamental mission of the Technical University of Moldova is to provide quality education by combining education, research and innovation, to the younger generation that will contribute to building a society and sustainable economy based on knowledge and to form the student personality of a creative and critical type.
TUM was founded in 1964 with three engineering faculties. Today, the University comprises 9 faculties with a professorial-didactic and engineering teaching staff of over 733 of lecturers, including about 314 lecturers with scientific-pedagogical titles of academics, doctors habilitate, doctors of Sciences, associated and university professors and senior lecturers. The number of students today exceeds 9520 students. The development of economic globalization processes and establishing a United Europe requires building a single European academic space in agreement with the Bologna process.
Conscious of the important role of universities in achieving the objectives of the Bologna Process, which caused significant changes on the priorities and mission of universities, Technical University of Moldova proposes raising the value of the national engineering education through: the quality of education as a determinant of the competitiveness of local human potential; development of scientific and technical research as an indispensable component in professional engineering training; encouraging mobility of students and teachers; promoting access and integration of graduates in the local labor market, etc.
Higher Education of Republic of Moldova is in an era of great transformation, required by the implementation of the principles of the Bologna Process, which resulted in restructuring the entire national university education. The great challenge of the new concept that launches to the academic education is competitiveness at national, European and global levels. To meet the imperatives of the time, Technical University of Moldova has structured the educational process in two cycles, giving young people a wide variety of courses in the technical field in the I cycle – license and cycle II – Master. Cycle III – PhD – is in pre-deployment condition.
The engineer is the main creative force of society able to make human life more comfortable. Technical University of Moldova prepares engineers for the national economy branches, which have great prospects and are developed in accordance with the requirements of modern society: Telecommunications, Energy, Food, Transportation, Light Industry, Machinery Construction, Industrial and Civil Construction, Urbanism and Architecture, Informatics and Microelectronics.
Technical University of Moldova is recognized on national scientific research stage, with remarkable results and internationally. The six research centers TUM successfully put into practice the research strategy of the university in numerous research grants and programs won through competition. The research results are embodied in scientific papers, monographs and patents, all bringing prestige to the university. Students are involved in the research and development of projects of year and license, by presenting results at national and international conferences.
International cooperation in the field of education and research is a priority for the University. UTM has collaboration agreements with about 75 universities in Belgium, Belarus, Bulgaria, Canada, Germany, France, Netherlands, Romania, Sweden, Ukraine, the USA, Spain, Russia, etc. Based on bilateral agreements, TUM students accomplish technological internship in European countries, and have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in the field of modern languages. Mobility of students and teachers is in ascendance and constitute one of the basic priorities of University life.
Technical University has an impressive technical and material basis of 315 laboratories, 95 classes of computer aided design, Internet connection. Students are housed in 12 dormitories with medical centers, canteens, etc. Considering that the student wants as well other activities of cultural, sport and entertaining nature, the University has a constant concern regarding alternating of intellectual work with physical effort, with participation in artistic activity, etc. For this purpose, the University has developed a modern sports base for students and its employees: stadiums at European level, fields for playing tennis, polyvalent hall for different sports. TUM is considered one of the most sporting higher education institutions in Moldova Republic. We pride ourselves with artistic groups involving students from all faculties: TUM Fanfare is awarded with many diplomas and awards, the ensemble of music and popular dance “Youth” is known at home and abroad, Section of sport dances is of great popularity among students. Our university is constantly evolving with new standards imposing itself in education and research, which disseminates step in the professional training of specialists. I hope you will have the opportunity to visit our campuses, Didactic laboratories, research centers and to make sure of peculiarities that distinguish us in the national university landscape.