Head of the Department of Socio-Human Sciences

Ecaterina Lozovanu

Associate Professor, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences


Address: Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, MD-2045,

Studenţilor Street, 9/7, study body no. 3, of. 315A

Phone: (+373) 22 509902

email: ecaterina.lozovanu@ssu.utm.md


The Department of Socio-Human Sciences was established in 1994 as a result of merging three Departments – “The History of Romanians”, “Philosophy” and “Political Science. Within the Department, there are 10 teachers, of which: 3 in philosophy, 3 in Political Science, 1 in History, 2 in Psychopedagogy and 1 in Economics. This diversity of specialists is an added value for our Department.

The Department provides humanitarian training for future engineers, providing expertise and training in the following areas:

  • “Philosophy and the history of philosophy”
  • “Political Science”
  • “Philosophy of Engineering Thinking”
  • “Professional Ethics”,
  • “Basics of Communication”
  • “Culture of Speech”
  • “Methodology and History of Science”
  • “Theory and Practice of European Integration”
  • “State and Law basis”

Within the Department of Social Human Sciences, scientific research is carried out in the following areas:

  • History of Philosophy and Philosophy
  • Philosophy and Methodology of Science
  • History of the Development of Science and Technology
  • Philosophical Foundations of Engineering Thinking
  • Current Issues of Political Science
  • Global Democracy
  • Theory and Practice of European Integration.
  • Sociology of social minorities
  • Theory of Education
  • Engineering Psychology
  • Global Ethics
  • Applied Ethics
  • Engineering Ethics
  • Professional Ethics
  • Emotional intelligence

Since 2000, our Department organizes annually the Inter-university Scientific Conference attended by professors from all university institutions from the Republic of Moldova, researchers from the Academy of Sciences of Moldova and university professors from abroad, concerned with the humanities issues. The Conferences are dedicated to challenges arising from technical-scientific progress, the impact of science and technology on human development and other relevant issues. This year the conference title is: “Research and Innovation from the perspective of Global Ethics”.

Starting from 2014, our Department organizes annually in May, the Student Scientific Conference dedicated to Europe Day, in which young people express their identity with European values, with the European principles of the rule of law and with the common objectives of the Republic of Moldova and the European Union.

Scientific Research Projects

Departmental staff have participated in a series of scientific research projects related to the process of humanization of technical education in the Republic of Moldova, which is of major importance not only locally but also globally, given the impact of technology and science on human life. These include:

  1. “Theory and Methodology of Prospective”, a project supported and appreciated as a valuable piece of work in 2019 by the National Agency for Research and Development in Moldova.

Brief description: Given that prospective pedagogy (PP) as a fundamental field has been little researched so far, the project presented the prospective dimension of education from a dual perspective: as a particularity of education, but also as a premise and consequence of development. The theoretical-experimental approach of the research focused on the conceptualization of PP based on three concepts: prospective education, prospective pedagogy and the prospective aspect of education.

Our Partners:

Our department collaborates with the following partners:

  • Center for Research in Applied Ethics within the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Bucharest, Romania
  • Ryazan Institute (branch) of the Moscow Polytechnic University, Moscow, Russia
  • Institute of Philosophy and Law of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova;
  • State University of Moldova;
  • University of Medicine and Pharmaceuticals “N. Testemințanu”, Moldova;
  • The Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova;
  • Free International University of Moldova;

List of recent conference presentations:

  • Lozovanu, E., Lazariuc, C. – International Scientific and Technical Conference: New Technologies in the Education Process and Production, 2020 with the presentation: The role of Socio-human Sciences in the development of the personality of future engineers.
  • Lozovanu, E. – ECCO International Conference – 2019, October 23-26, 2019, with the paper: Computer Ethics – problems and solutions.
  • Lozovanu, E. – International Conference: Heath, Medicine and Bioethics in the contemporary society: Inter- and Pluridisciplinary Studies, Chișinău, Republic of Moldova, November 2019 with the presentation: Global crises and the issue of the value of technical-scientific progress
  • SIMION, D. – International scientific conference “Perspectives and problems of integration in the European Space of Research and Education” within the State University “Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu” with the communication “Peer coaching in stimulating creative thinking in students.” Section no. V Pedagogical and psychological sciences. Cahul June 6, 2019.
  • SIMION, D. – International Scientific Conference “Contemporary Concerns of the Social Sciences” 10th Edition with the communication “The dark side of well-being towards positive growth.” ULIM 5-6 December 2019
  • Lungu, V. – Jean Monnet Conference Moldova towards EU`s regional and cross-border development”, on 22-23rd of August 2019, Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, Chisinau, 2019 with the communication: Impact of economic and social trends on professional activity.
  • Lungu, V. – Contemporary methodological guidelines and practices in social sciences 2019 “International scientific-practical conference dedicated to the 27th anniversary of the foundation of ULIM” Chişinău, Moldova, October 17-18 2019, with the communication: The role of stress management in the relationship manager-subordinate.
  • Lazariuc, C International Scientific and Technical Conference: New Technologies in the Education Process and Production, April 2020 with the paper: The collective mentality and the reconsideration of contemporary democracy.
  • Lazariuc, C – in ECCO International Conference – 2019 with the paper: The beneficial effects of e-governance for Moldovan society.
  • Lazariuc, C Interuniversity Scientific Conference “Socio-humanistic sciences and technical-scientific progress” TUM, Chisinau, 2017, with the paper: Measures to prevent and combat bullying in the European Union.
  • Lazariuc, C Interuniversity Scientific Conference “Socio-humanistic sciences and technical-scientific progress” TUM, Chisinau, 2016, with the paper: The phenomenon of corruption and anti-corruption policies in the EU (Romania’s case).


For H2020 and other EU funding opportunities, please contact Prof. Michael Remes

Email: michael.remes@adm.utm.md

Date: 3st June 2020 (Edited by Michael Remes, EFPC)