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  • During 16 to 17 September, 2013, Technical University of Moldova hosted the "Hydropower serving rural consumers" Workshop, which was organized within the "Technological systems based on the utilization of water kinetical energy for rural consumers" (TESUWKERC) Project, under the BSEC-HDF Programme. It was a great opportunity to promote the microhydropower plants for rural consumers. During the Workshop, research-technology development groups from all over the world presented their results and contributions, all being followed by discussions on topic, fruitful for the further development of the mycrohydropower domain. More details can be found on the project webpage.


  • Technical University of Moldova follows the way to build capacity in education, research, innovation and exploitation of knowledge in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency promotion through the following objectives:

  • Develop university study programs in accordance with the Bologna requirements in order to promote renewable energy (RE) and energy efficiency (EE);

  • Develop educational and research capacity in the RE and EE field based on the traditional studies and the elaboration of the annual papers, bachelor's, master's and doctoral theses;

  • Ensure the visibility and durability of the professional skills in the domain of RE and EE through practical activities, developing courses, textbooks, articles, and participation in conferences and exhibitions;

  • Promote cooperation between universities and business to transfer technology and innovation into real business.

  • One of the activities conducted by the TUM in this area is the participation in the Moldova Eco Energy Contest 2012 organized by the Moldavian Energy Efficiency Agency. TUM has received the most number of awards in this competition, being nominated for the following categories: Best Educational Initiative, Best Communications Initiative and Best Solar Energy project.

  • Two doctoral students, Svet Olga and Rachier Vasile, are enrolled in the academic year 2012-2013 in specialty 05.14.08 - "New and Renewable Sources of Energy". Their studies are financed from budgetary resources. The admission process was conducted in October 2012 on the basis of two tests: the specialty exam which included general topics related to the Renewable Energy, and the English exam. Doctoral studies have started from November 1st, 2012, and will last 3 years.

  • In accordance with the decision of the Supreme Council for Science and Technological Development of the ASM, no. 137 of June 28, 2012, TUM is empowered with the right to organize doctoral studies in specialty 05.14.08 - "New and Renewable Sources of Energy".

  • At the TUM Senate meeting of October 25, 2011, it was decided to submit to the Academy of Science of Moldova the dossier for the permission to organize doctoral studies under Renewable Energies specialty.

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