Sâmbătă, 11 aprilie, cu începere de la ora 17.-00, vă invităm la Movie Night | User Interaction and Practice Session pe marginea filmului tematic „Gamer” (2009). Conferința va avea loc pe Zoom.

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Ministerul Educației, Culturii și Cercetării solicită propuneri pentru elaborarea Planului de admitere la postdoctorat pentru anul 2021. 

Propunerile, conform anexei, urmează a fi expediate către 10 aprilie curent în variantă electronică la adresa rodica.siminiuc@adm.utm.md.

Mykolas Romeris University is pleased to announce that because of the unfortunate circumstances the deadline to apply for Short-Term Studies is postponed till the 25th of April 2020! Now you have more time!

The scholarship is named as “Short term (1-2 semesters) studies“: https://studyin.lt/scholarships/short-term-studies/

Scholarships for short-term studies in Lithuania (excluding Lithuanian studies) offered for candidates who are students of higher education institutions of the following countries:


No of scholarships

The Eastern Partnership countries


Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia

ASEM countries

Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, China, South Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Pakistan, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

Lithuania priority export market countries

Sweden, Germany, Norway, Finland, the United Kingdom, France, Poland, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Latvia, Estonia, the USA, Israe


  1. The candidate has to receive an official approval of acceptance from the chosen Lithuanian higher education institution (MYKOLAS ROMERIS UNIVERSITY).
  2. The candidate has to be a student of a higher education institution of the particular country mentioned in the table above.
  3. The candidate has to have good knowledge of Lithuanian, English or other language required to study the chosen study programme (the minimum of B2 level of study language according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is required).

Școala Doctorală ,,Inginerie Mecanică și Civilă (IMC), anunță prezentarea și aprecierea tezei de doctor în tehnică în Ședința Seminarului Științific de Profil 242 Mașinologie și Tehnologia Construcțiilor de Mașini (aprobat prin Hotărârea CNAA, nr AT – 4/4.4, din 05.07.2016),privind înaintarea spre susținere publică a ei în Consiliul Științific Specializat la Specialitatea Științifică 242.05 – Tehnologii, Procedee și Utilaje de Prelucrare:

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West University of Timisoara is organizing the 2nd Edition of West University of Timisoara (Late) Summer School (August 31st – September 13th 2020), a multi- and inter-disciplinary event aiming to offer Bachelor or Master students the opportunity to participate in a two-weeks study/training programme, taking place in the future cultural capital of Europe (Timisoara 2021), with the possibility of choosing from a variety of courses that mirror the comprehensive character of our university.

West University of Timisoara (Late) Summer School courses:

–   Design Thinking, your path to innovation!
–   Biochemistry aspects in various medical conditions
–   Cultural geography and cultural tourism
–   Proactive Involvement for Better Communities
–   Taxation and Accounting in the Digital Era and Global Economy
–   Practical cases in Behavioural finance
–   Capital Market Risk Management
–   Getting the changemaker mindset: reinvent yourself as a social entrepreneur
–   History of the universe and cosmology
–   Leadership competencies and the future of work
–   Public Speaking Strategies
–   Introduction to Romanian language, culture and civilization
–   Security and Cryptography
–   Presentation skills and nonverbal communication
–   Mass media and public relations – techniques and strategies
–   Team-work skills through urban sociology field research in Timisoara

Participation fee (150 EURO): accommodation in WUT dormitories, lunches and a registration kit.

More information about applying to WUT (late) summer school at: http://ri.uvt.ro/west-university-of-timisoara-late-summer-school/ 

For more details: Flyer Scoala de Vara 2020

Applications deadline: June 15th

Pentru perioada 21 – 25 martie 2020 Universitatea Tehnică a Moldovei propune următorul program al lecțiilor online de pregătire pentru BAC:

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O noutate excelentă și pentru liceenii care aleg să susțină în sesiunea de Bacalaureat examenul la chimie. Universitatea Tehnică a Moldovei va organiza cursuri online și la chimie – pe 18 martie, cu începere de la ora 11.00.

Universitatea Tehnică a Moldovei continuă predarea cursurilor de pregătire pentru Bacalaureat în format online. Răspunzând multiplelor solicitări, vom organiza lecții online și la fizică pe 17 martie, cu începere de la ora 11.00.

În contextul pandemiei anunțate la nivel mondial, Universitatea Tehnică a Moldovei continuă predarea cursurilor de pregătire pentru Bacalaureat în format online. Răspunzând multiplelor solicitări, vom organiza lecții online la matematică și în limba rusă pe 16 martie, cu începere de la ora 12.00. Citește mai mult

Go Styria is a scholarship program for master and doctoral students as well as Post Docs interested in a short term research stay (max. 4 months) in the context of their master, doctoral thesis or Post-Doc research.

The target region includes Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey. Candidates selected for the program will be given the opportunity for a research period  at the University of Graz in order to then continue and conclude their studies / research at their home universities.

WHO can apply?


  • currently and also in 2020/21 enrolled at an accredited university in the target region
  • currently already working on their master or doctoral thesis


  • who are academic staff members at an accredited university in the target region
  • the completion of the doctorate should not be older than 1 year at time of application

Details on the program call: https://international.uni-graz.at/en/incoming-exchange/go-styria-scholarship-programme/


  • 21 April 2020 – deadline for code requests giving access to the online application (only mandatory for Master/PhD applicants to start the application process)
  • 24 April 2020 – applications deadline for all candidates