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STUDENTS’ SELECTION CONTEST for international credit mobility within ERASMUS + programme (University of Piraeus, Greece)

Technical University of Moldova announces the organization of a selection contest of candidates for academic mobility at the University of Piraeus, Greece, within the Erasmus+ programme. University of Piraeus offers 1 mobility grant of 5 months for BSc/MSc/PhD students.

The amount of scholarship is 800 €/month, additionally an amount of return ticket will be reimbursed.

The candidates’ applications may be submitted to the Faculty Erasmus+ Coordinator in the period 09 to 28 April 2021.

Selection of candidates for mobility will be conducted by the Selection Committee at the following address: within the International Relations Office, TUM, 168 Stefan cel Mare si Sfant blvd., building No. 1, room 203).

The submitted files will contain documents in English only. The final results of the selection of candidates will be announced by the University of Piraeus, Greece.


Details about the academic offer:  Economics, Information and Communication Technologies.


You could find the offered courses from each Department in the link below

 https://www.unipi.gr/unipi/en/erasmus-plus/mobility-for-studies.html [1]

The courses may change each Semester, the Academic Coordinator will inform the incoming students

You could find the Academic Coordinators in  https://www.unipi.gr/unipi/en/erasmus-plus/mobility-for-studies.html [1]


The candidate’s application file to ERASMUS+ student status should contain the following documents:

  1. Application addressed to the Rector of TUM and approved by the Dean of the Faculty (it can be requested from the international relations officer of the faculty).
  2. Photocopy of passport. Passport should be valid for the whole period of mobility.
  3. Student certificate issued by the faculty secretariat, with the mention that during the mobility period the candidate will have the status of student.
  4. Transcript of records issued by the faculty administration.
  5. English language certificate (minimum B2 according to CEFR Common European Framework of Reference for Languagies).
  6. Letter of motivation addressed to the Selection Committee, stating the main reasons for the choice of mobility, the candidate’s study objectives for mobility, the expected results (1-2 pages).
  7. Curriculum vitae written in English (Europass form + photo).
  8. Learning Agreement (LA) for Studies. The LA should be signed and endorsed by the Dean of the Faculty.

Other materials: envelope file for archiving the candidate’s documents.


Criteria for submitting the application file to the ERASMUS+ student status

  1. Eligibility criteria:
  • to be a student enrolled at the Technical University of Moldova.
  1. Selection criteria:
  • to meet the eligibility requirements.
  • English language certificate.
  • to have good academic results in the academic year prior to mobility and in the last exam.
  1. Specific criteria:
  • to have all the exams passed;
  • to submit other documents requested by the selection board in addition;
  • to be able to demonstrate specific skills and abilities in accordance with the work to be carried out at the partner university.



09.04.2021 – 28.04.2021

REGISTRATION based on the candidature application

CONSULTATION regarding the preparation of the application


SELECTION INTERVIEW (location, time)


ANNOUNCEMENT of the preliminary results


TRANSMISSION of the files to the University of Piraeus for final evaluation



FCIM: Elena Gogoi, lect. univ., elena.gogoi@faf.utm.md

FIEB: Cornelia Crucerescu, conf. univ., dr., cornelia.crucerescu@emin.utm.md

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