With reference to the existing Agreement for the Academic Year 2020/2021, we would like to update you with the application procedures.

The list of nominated students is to be sent to:  erasmus@mruni.eu (MRU International Office).
Nomination deadline
June 20  – for Autumn Semester or Academic year.
• November 20 – for Spring Semester.
Mandatory mention of the following data for every student:
Name of the Institution
Family name
Given names
Valid e-mail address
Subject area code
Period of stay (Autumn semester, Spring semester, Academic Year).
For any questions or doubts (e.g. additional students), please contact the International Office at: adb@mruni.eu (Head of International Office) or: incoming@mruni.eu (Coordinator of Incoming Students).
• General information for exchange students is available at (incl. List of courses): http://www.mruni.eu/en/prospective_students/erasmus/
• Nominated students will receive by e-mail a link to on-line application package and other relevant pre-arrival information.
• The on-line application package for incoming students is available at: https://incoming.mruni.eu  
Application package includes Application form, Study plan, and a Request for Accommodation. Scanned documents need to be uploaded into the application – at least (1) Transcript of Records, (2) a copy of ID or Passport and (3) Language proficiency document (might be a statement from home university).  The study plan is afterwards exported into the Learning agreement by MRU academic coordinator.
• June 30 – Autumn Semester or Academic year.
• November 30 – for Spring Semester
Please note that only in exceptional cases we can accept late applications of your students.  
Academic Calendar:
A detailed 2020/21 Academic Calendar is available at: http://www.mruni.eu/en/prospective_students/erasmus/
Language requirements:
Mykolas Romeris University recommends that incoming students have B2 level of English proficiency for full advantages of the mobility (it is obligatory for master cycle students or those who are choosing courses relevant for the master cycle). We expect at least B1 level of English language proficiency in case student does not have B2.
Certification by international exams is not expected – Sending University statement or Erasmus+ OLS assessment test results are sufficient.  
Should you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at:
• adb@mruni.eu – Mrs. Audra Dargytė Burokienė – Head of International Office;
• incoming@mruni.eu – Ms. Inesa Cvetkova – Coordinator of Incoming Students.
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