Paris School of Economics and Ecole des Ponts joining their forces to create a MSc Economic Decision & Cost-Benefit Analysis.

A Master of Science in economic calculation for investment decisions, applied to sectors of the economy currently in full expansion: urban planning, energy, environment, health, digital transformation.

This professional Master aims at training executives working in private and public sectors in jobs related to project evaluation and management.

 In this area, the demand for highly skilled executives is significant (consulting firms, banks, large industrial firms, government agencies), but these firms look for managers and analysts able to deal with complexity and multiple stakeholders, rather than pure specialists.

 A multidisciplinary approach is, then, necessary:

  •  Economicsevaluating a project (or any asset), including externalities, and understanding its contribution to value creation in an environment dominated by high uncertainty;
  • Finance: structuring the financial resources, mobilizing the adequate instruments (equity, debt, hybrid) on the basis of sophisticated valuation and modeling techniques;
  • Management: identifying the potential implementation issues and using change the relevant management techniques (organizational analysis, sociology).

 These 3 dimensions can, also, be mobilized to other environments like strategic consulting and investment banking (structured finance, M&A).

 We look for candidates with a strong quantitative background. Prior knowledge in economics or finance is a plus, but not a pre-requisite as “fundamentals of…” modules are organized to get the basics in economics and finance.

 Courses are taught by worldwide-recognized professors and a permanent link is made with real economic issues, such as evaluating double-sided markets, the role of IOT in value chains disruption, mobility in the car industry or building “verticals” in a telecommunication operator.

 Thus, at the end of the process, students master, both, theory and practice.

 The MSc has received the strong support of large organizations, public and private, which will provide internships and expressed the will to reinforce skilled staff ready to face a fast changing economic and financial world.

 Applications are now opened!

On, you can start the process whenever you want, create and save your profile step by step. Each application undergoes four phases:

  1. Submit your application by July 2019. See the list of the required documents (pdf).
  2. Once completed, your application is evaluated within 10 days, on a rolling-basis.
  3. Preselected applicants have an interview straight away (face to face or via video conference). The objective is to measure the pertinence of the program with your own educational qualifications and professional plans.
  4. Final acceptance is announced within a week, and we contact you in order for you to finalize the process. Do not hesitate to visit our “Prepare your arrival” section.

 Information available on the PSE / MSC website:

More information on the programme here

EDCBA course booklet 18-19

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