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Conferinţa: „Images of compact rings”

Departamentul de Matematică  al  UTM Organizează marţi,  19  decembrie 2017 ora 15.00, în cadrul Seminarului de Ştiinţe Matematice  P. Osmătescu conferinţa: „Images of compact rings”

Abstract: Compact rings are interesting in their own right and also for their connection with the theory of finite rings, the theory  of profinite groups, and the theory of fields. The talk is focused on the following question: Which rings are homomorphic images (not necessarily continuous) of compact rings? It was proved by the author in collaboration with M. Salim that under some natural condition on characteristic every compact ring is a continuous homomorphic image of a prime compact ring. We will discuss also some results about discontinuous homomorphic images of compact rings.The second part of talk is focused on recent progress in solution of the problem posed by V.K. Kharcenko: Which compact rings are continuous homomorphic images of compact domains?

Presented by Professor, Dr. Mihail Ursul (Department of Mathematics & Computer Science, University of Technology, Lae, PNG)

Conferinţa va avea loc în aud. 328, et. 3,  bloc II (Facultatea Energetică).

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