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Head of the Military Department
Brigadier General (retired)



Address: 41, Dacia bd., block of study nr. 10
Tel: +373 22 57-31-36+373 22 57-31-27




The Military Department was founded based on the Decision of TUM Senate from 29.10.2002 and the Rector’s Order nr. 758-R of 18.11.2002. The Department has its headquarters in block no. 10 of the TUM campus in Botanica sector.

The main objectives of the department are: training of sergeants in reserve, devoted to their Homeland and the Republic of Moldova, who possess a good theoretical and practical knowledge in the very specialty, able to organize, at any time, military action of the group, organize and lead subordinates in combat.
According the Ministry of Defence of RM nr. 269 of 13.10.2005, at the Department the students military training is carried out in the following military specialties:

  • „ Commander of infantry group”;
  • „ Commander of transmissions group”;
  • „ Commander of sappers group”;
  • „ Commander of artillery group”.

Students training at the Military Department, including those who study at reduced attendance section, is done voluntarily. At the course of military instruction can be admitted also students from other university institutions of higher education, where there is no Military Department, including students of private institutions and graduates of these.
The military training is exercised based on the curricula with a volume of 360 hours, approved by the Chief of Staff of the National Army on 28.07.2010, the thematic plan being approved by Prime vice-rector of TUM and coordinated with the Ministry of Defence of RM, the schedule of meetings being planned monthly. For students are organized constantly military-patriotic educational lessons, visits to the National Army Museum, Memorial complexes “Eternity” and “Beachhead Serpeni”.

The quality of training is under a permanent control of Department leadership. The shooting from Kalashnikov submachine are held at Bulboaca Training Center, practical sessions with sappers – at the Training Center Negresti with transmisionists – Control Point of National Army.
During the studying years, 18126 people, including 260 women, graduated the Department, in military functions of group commander, who received knowledge in the organization of the battle (group-platoon) and awarded the military rank “sergeant”, and “inferior sergeant”. The graduates willing to become reservist officers attend the officer courses organized at Military Institute.

Military Department of TUM collaborates closely with all 10 Military Departments of the Universities of Moldova, the Moldovan Defence Ministry, General Staff of the National Army, but also with non- governmental international institutions.



The Military Department has 12 lecture halls, arranged and intended for holding the meetings; shooting sports hall; fulcrum moto infantry platoon; training plateau; 800 sets of military uniform; 80 sets of chemical protection suits; equipment and apparatus necessary for the training of sappers; 100 metal helmets, 100 food bags; 80 radio stations; 3 warehouses; a library with a rest room; computers and multiplying technique.

All the students have the military uniform and equipment of the group Commander provided by military regulations requirements. It is created the technical and material base for the study of all military subjects stipulated by the fighting schedule. The shooting from the fighting weapons and the practical detonations (for the pioneers) are performed in the National Army Training Centres. The Department disposes of everything necessary to equip the infantry soldiers.



During the years of activity within the Department worked and continue to work the following teachers: senior lecturer Colonel Fiodor Grusevschi; senior lecturer colonel – doctor (r) Michael Stefanet; senior lecturer, Lieutenant Colonel (r) Iacob Anghel; senior lecturer Colonel (r) Valeriu Vlaico; senior lecturer Colonel (r) Viorel Coliban; senior lecturer Colonel (r) Igor Samoilov; senior lecturer Colonel (r) Veaceslav Iatun; senior lecturer, Lieutenant Colonel (r) Leonid Bubulici; senior lecturer, Lieutenant Colonel (r) Sergiu Zavulan; senior lecturer, Lieutenant Colonel Victor Bulat; senior lecturer, Lieutenant Colonel (r) Alexandru Cuciuc; chief of the target shooting Vasile Petrascu; senior lecturer, Police Lieutenant Colonel (r) Tudor Bedros; superior methodist Natalia Petrica.

Internationalists Officers:

Nicolae Petrica – Brigadier General (r) participant in the Afghanistan war, adviser of division commander in 1985-1987; Viorel Coliban – Colonel (r) participant in the Afghanistan war; Veaceslav Iatun – Colonel (r) participant to the war in Iraq – 1983; Valeriu Vlaico – Colonel (r) participant in the war in Angola; Alexandru Cuciuc – It. Colonel (r) 2004-2005 participation in the international humanitarian post-conflict operation in Iraq.

Officers who defended the Motherland, participating in the war in Transnistria:

Nicolae Petrica – Brigadier General (r) was one of the officers who defended the Motherland, commander at bridgehead Cocieri. Valerii Popovici – Colonel (r) participant in the war in Transnistria – Head of Directorate of Operations – Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the RM AN Task Force 6.05-29.07 1992. Participant in the war in Transnistria: Viorel Coliban – Colonel (r), Valeriu Vlaico – colonel (r), Mihail Stefanet – Colonel (r), Veaceslav Iatun – Colonel (r), Vasile Petrascu lt. – Colonel (r), Chief of research direction.


Military Department Staff, year 2012. Row I (from the left): V. Iatun – Colonel (r), senior lecturer; L. Șciurova – laborant; N. Petrica – superior methodist; I. Samoilov – Colonel (r), senior lecturer. Row II: V. Petrascu – Lieutenant Colonel (r), chief of the target shooting; M. Stefanet – Colonel (r), senior lecturer; N. Petrica – Brigadier General (r), head of the Department; Ia. Anghel – Lieutenant Colonel (r), senior lecturer; S. Zavulan – Lieutenant Colonel (r), senior lecturer; F. Grusevschi – Colonel(r), senior lecturer; V. Bulat – Lieutenant Colonel (r), senior lecturer. Row III: A. Cuciuc – Lieutenant Colonel (r), senior lecturer; V. Vlaico – Colonel(r), senior lecturer; T. Bedros – Lieutenant Colonel (r), senior lecturer; L. Bubulici – Lieutenant Colonel (r), senior lecturer; V. Schiopu – Colonel (r), senior lecturer; V. Popovici – Colonel(r), senior lecturer; V. Casapciuc – major (r), univ. lect.; V. Coliban – Colonel(r), senior lecturer.

Bărbații Catedrei Militare

The men of the Military Department