Head of the department
Associate proffessor, doctor in economic sciences



Address: 41, Dacia bd., block of study nr. 10, of 338
Tel: +373 22 77-36-88




In 1969 at the Polytechnic Institute of Chisinau was founded the Department of Economics and Constructions Organization, that provided training of specialists in the field of Economics and Constructions Organization. Founder of the department was doctor, associate professor Leonid GAMOV. Later, its name was changed as a result of requirements of national economy:

YearsName of the Department Head of the department
1969-1976Economics and Constructions OrganizationLeonid GAMOV
1975-1977Organization in ConstructionsSvetlana MASIUC
1976-1993Economics and Constructions DirectingLeonid DANILICENCO
1993-1998Economics and Management in ConstructionNicolae TURCANU
1998-2004Real Estate Evaluation Economics and Management
2004-prezentEconomics and Management in ConstructionGrigore VASCAN



The Department provides economic and managerial training of all students of engineering specialties in the construction domain of the Faculty of  Urbanism and Architecture and the Faculty of Cadastre, Geodesy and Constructions. As a result of changes in the nomenclature of specialties, along with Moldova’s accession to the Bologna Process, the Department of Economics and Management in Constructions is involved in the professional training of the studying youth in economics and business administration in constructions.

Nowadays the departments trains specialists in the cycles License, Master and Doctorate at the following specialties:

In Cycle I, License, with a duration of 3 years and 240 credits:

  • Business and Administration (in constructions),
  • Accounting.

In Cycle II Master with a duration of 1.5 / 2.0 years:

  • Business Administration (in constructions) (90/120 credits),
  • Economics of Real Estate Business (90/120 credits).

In Cycle III, Doctorate:

  • Specialty 521.03 Economics and Management in the branch and domains,

The studies are organized full-time and with reduced attendance.



In the last 15 years the department collaborators have achieved researches for the development and improvement of economic norms in constructions. The directions were determined by reforms implemented over time, actual necessities in the construction sector and the scientific potential of the staff:

  • The feasibility of prices in constructions,
  • Efficiency of investment in construction,
  • Business administration in constructions,
  • Energy efficiency,
  • The global cost in constructions,
  • Marketing in constructions,
  • Projects management in constructions,
  • Financial Management,
  • Accounting and audit,
  • Norming of material resources in constructions,
  • Workloads must in constructions.



The Depertment disposes of five offices for teachers well equipped with the necessary furniture, advanced computers and modern printers, a mini library consisting of foreign and national literature in the field, didactic materials developed by members of the Department; a modern computer room connected to the Internet, including Wi-Fi, which provides access of students, master students and teachers to the information needed. The computers have  programs and licensed software, needed for the laboratory lessons (Windows 7, Ofice, Windoc Devize, WinSmeta, C+ etc.).



Since the foundation of the department, through its collaborators, renowned professors, have been maintained the relations of cooperation and friendship with renowned universities in the country and abroad. A lot of graduates of the department have done studies and have achieved scientific degrees at universities in Kiev, Moscow, Bryansk, etc. After Moldova obtained its independence, the cooperation and friendship relations with foreign universities have become an absolute necessity. Highly beautiful relationships were established with universities from Romania, Bulgaria, France, Sweden, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Turkey, Latvia etc.



Nr. b/oName, SurnameFunctionscientific degree
1Grigore VASCANassoc. prof.dr. in technical sciences
2Tatiana habilitate
3Nicolae TURCANUHead of the department, assoc. prof.dr. in economic sciences
4Serghei SITNICassoc. prof.dr. in economic sciences
5Eduard COJEMIAKINassoc. prof.dr. in technical sciences
6Ludmila NOVICOVassoc. prof.dr. in economic sciences
7Alina STRATILAassoc. prof.dr. in economic sciences
8Natalia STEFIRTAassoc. prof.dr. in economic sciences
9Alina POLCANOVAsenior lecturermaster in economics, PhD student
10Stela CUCOSsenior lecturermaster in economics, PhD student
11Natalia SCOBIOLAsenior lecturer
12Vladimir BAGHICIsenior lecturer
13Adrian BEJENARUsenior lecturermaster in economics, PhD student
14Natalia MORARUsenior lecturer
15Lidia SURDUsenior lecturer
16Maria CIUMACsenior lecturermaster in accounting, PhD student
17Ludmila TIMOTINsenior lecturer