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Structural engineering is the art of using materials (whose properties can only be estimated) to build structures (that can not be modeled and calculated only approximately) to withstand the forces (which are not known with precision)so that the responsibility for safety of the public be satisfied”.

(Professor  Edward  L.  Wilson,  UC Berkeley USA ,

Member of the National Academy of Engineering)


Education and Scientific Research are key factors that motivate the economic growth in any country, whatever the degree of technological development,  and the innovation capacity of a country – the engine of economic growth enduring – is conditioned by human resources.

The department is the unit that ensures the improvement of the educational and didactic process quality, in which the ideas and scientific research are realized.



The Department Of Roads, Materials, Machines For Construction (RMMC) was established by order of the rector of the Technical University of Moldova nr. 235- Sp of 10 June 2015. In the structure of the Department there were included four study programs:

  • Railways, roads, bridges;
  • Engineering of construction materials and articles;
  • Mechanical Engineering in constructions;
  • Ceramics and glass

previously promoted in the profile departments “Railways, roads and bridges” (RWRB) and “Technology of materials and construction elements” (TMCE).

The mentioned study programs are focused on preparing highly qualified engineers for the most important dimensions of the national economy such as:

  • The sector of construction, design and exploitation of road construction;
  • The sector of construction, design and exploitation of railway construction;
  • The sector of construction, design and exploitation of airport construction;
  • The sector of organization and traffic safety;
  • The sector of material technology and construction elements and articles;
  • The sector of Ceramics and glass;
  • The sector of machines and equipment for construction;
  • Sectors of administration and management of private as well as state profile institutions.

Important are the requirements related to maintaining and development of study programs popularity promoted within the Department, as well as those related to preserving the collectives’ traditions, for ensuring a collegial climate of mutual respect.

Teaching staff of the Department DMMC is comprised of 19 titular teachers and 8 cumulard teachers, including 2 university professors, dr.hab., 7 associate professors,dr., 9 senior lecturers, 7 university lecturers, 2 assistant lecturers. The average age of the teaching staff – 45 years (see Annex 1).

THE BASIC MISSION of The Department Of Roads, Materials, Machines For Construction” has an educational and scientific character, despite the fact that it has three areas of diversified specialties: training of young specialists in the construction of road and railway, technology of construction materials and articles, ceramic and glass as well as machines for  construction, with a view to their integration in the labor market – in industrial and technological production, capital construction, commercial services or advice and expertise, operation, maintenance, design, in education and in scientific research.

The basic mission of the Department of RMMC resides in the creation, development and consolidation of a new generation of engineers and managers, who are capable to work in the current extremely difficult conditions of competition in the market and circumstances arising from political crises, social, economic, legal, environmental, energy, and, last but not least, technological, threatening and provoking permanently the society.

In order to achieve this mission it is proposed the following MANAGERIAL PLAN:


  • Ensuring a quality higher education in the programs “Railways, Roads, Bridges”, “Engineering of Construction Materials and Articles”, “Ceramics and Glass”, „Machines and equipment for construction – currently EMC”;
  • Fundamental and applied scientific research;
  • Ensuring a favorable environment for achieving the objectives based on collegial cooperation, respect, professionalism and constructive competition;
  • Ensuring the conditions for the manifestation of the department identity;
  • Continuing the valuable traditions of the department based on those formed and the former specialized departments.

Achieving the general objective is determined by achieving of specific objectives: Education; Scientific research; Material basis; Human potential; Image and the managerial acting efficiency, team spirit.



Name, surnameFunctionScientific and didactic TitleContact information
e-mailOffice telefon
Andrievschi SergiuAssociate professorDoctor in tech. sciences022519716
Andriuta Mirceauniversity professor


doctor habilitate

in technical sciences

Anghelici Nicolaiuniversity lecturer 


Arnaut Pantelimonsenior lecturer
Bejan Sergiuassociate professor,

head of the department

Doctor in tech. sciences022503051
Beleuta Victorsenior lecturer022473261
Bordos Ruslanuniversity lecturer
Bricicaru Iliesenior lecturer
Briciuc ValeriuTechnician
Brinister Valentinassociate professorDoctor in tech. sciences
Buraga Andreiuniversity lecturer,

chief of laboratory

Cadocinicov Anatolieassociate professorDoctor in tech. sciences022747060
Carcea Alasenior lecturer
Croitoru Gheorgheassociate professorDoctor in tech. sciences
Cucos Victorengineer-coordinator
Dragutan Verauniversity lecturer


Eletchih Albinasenior lecturer, engineer, cat IPhD student022773811
Lozan Alexandruniversity lecturer


PhD student
Lungu Valeriuassociate professorDoctor in tech. sciences022774411
Margina TatianaAsistent universitar022773811
Munteanu MarcelAsistent universitar
Muravschi Ionengineer,

cat I

Naval Danielasenior lecturer022773811
Negruta Elenauniversity lecturer022773811
Pogorletchi Ghenadiesenior lecturer022539138
Podoprigora Andreiengineer,

cat I

Priscu Tatianauniversity lecturer022773811
Proaspat Eduardsenior lecturerPhD student022773811
Raileanu Alexandruassociate professorDoctor in tech. sciences
Rusu Ion




doctor habilitate

in technical sciences

Saracuta Petrusenior lecturer022251385


Sparivac Alexandruengineer,

cat I

Suvari Dorinsenior lecturer
Talpa Piotrassistant lecturer