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Address: 7/1, Studentilor str., dorm. nr. 2
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The Technical Direction is a subdivision of the Technical University of Moldova, operating in accordance with the Statute of the University to ensure the proper functioning of the blocks of studies, student dormitories, laboratories, canteens, sport and leisure bases, engineering networks, preservation and development of the University’s heritage, of improving the working conditions, living and leisure of students and university staff.

Technical Direction has in its structure the following subdivisions:

Service of Internal Protection and Prevention (chief – Ion Șcheau).

Service of  Construction, Repair and Interventions (chief – Averian Tulgara) is responsible for the execution of construction and assembly, capital and current repairs, based on the Annual Plan of carrying out repair works at TUM objects,  drafted in relation to the commands submitted by deans of faculties, heads of subdivisions, quartermasters of student dormitories and blocks of studies, working with all divisions of the University.

Service Blocks of Studies and Student Dormitories (chief – Sergiu COVACI) – is responsible for creating favorable conditions for living and leisure of students accommodating in dormitories, for improving the material basis of student dormitories, ensuring the order in dormitories and the territories related to them; establishing a strict control of respecting the vital safety regulations, anti-fire and hygienic – sanitary norms; solving social problems of students; monitoring compliance with “Regulation of internal order in student dormitories”, providing educational process in blocks of study, laboratories and their related lands; establishing a strict control compliance with vital safety engineering, anti-fire and hygienic-sanitary norms; ensuring the preservation of material goods in dormitories and blocks of study, warehouse, park, stadium, and their adjacent territories.

Section of Car Transport (chief – Victor Gropa) is aimed at providing with transportation the University subdivisions in relation to the commands of the Heads of subdivisions, deans’ offices, departments; maintaining the satisfactory technical conditions of vehicles.

Medical Services (chief medic – Cezara Andronachi).


Composition of Technical Direction

Name, Surname

Function Contact information
Averian TULGARAChief engineer022319165
Ion SCHEAUspecialist safety and health at work022319183
Alexandru CUDINOVanti-fire protection specialist022319183
Oxana UZUN-NEGRESCUsocial pedagogue022319192
Emilia FILIPOVclerk population records022225483
Nadejda EGOROVAclerk population records022776852
Ana MARCHITANsecretary of computer texts processing022442199
Section of Infrastructure Management and Transportation Services
Sergiu PASCARUhead of section022319130
Vasili GOLOVATIImanager022319130
Marcel JOSANEnergetician chief022319153
Alexei UZUNengineer coordinator022319153
Andrei ISTRATIIengineer coordinator022319153
Eugeniu LUPASCUengineer coordinator022319153
Vasile REVENCOmecanic-chief022319156
Oxana GUTU         engineer of cat. I022319156
Tatiana SAVCIUCengineer of cat. I022319156
Aurica GHENCIUengineer of cat. I022319156
Section of Capital Construction and Repair
Elena POPAhead of section022319024
Elena IONITAcivil engineer022319024
Tatiana MASLENNICOVAcivil engineer022319024
Isai DANUcivil engineer022319024
Mariana OPREAengineer coordinator022319024
Section of Sourcing
Dorin TROFIMCIUChead of section022319140
Maria ZAGORETengineer coordinator022319140
Olga COBETmerceolog022319140
Dorin MATCOhead of warehouse022319140
Section Blocks of Studies and Student Dormitories
Sergiu COVACIhead of section022323309
Ion TUTUESCUengineer coordinator022323309
Irina GLUSCOengineer coordinator022323309
Cezara ANDRONACHIChief medic022319149
r/c „Andries”, v. Condrita
Valachi Dionisieadministrator079298143